Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It gets worse

The article below, Enriching Dutch Culture, now has a sequel. After the chairman of her PvdA faction, Peter van Heemst, called Ismaili's action "very silly", he immediately smoothed over her 'mistake' as her getting so much hatemail that she could not take it anymore and lost control. Well, she had enough control left to google out that the sender of the HuT-quotes had claimed to be a freemason on another forum, a fact she used in the mail to him. In the end Van Heemst claimed people in his council had been getting death-threats because of Ismaili's mail, which could not be confirmed.

That's an old PvdA trick, by the way. Ad Melkert supposedly received a loaded gun in his mail once (makes a bit more impact in the media than just a bullet) but that proved to be a hoax. Same for torture practices conducted in Irak; another PvdA hoax. Now this. Noone inside the PvdA saw any reason to ask this stupid girl to leave. But it gets worse.

Another activity of Ismaili has now been uncovered, proving once more that she did not write the earlier mail in a state of mental distress (that is, no worse than her usual state) and even that she probably acted deliberately. A claim was laid that that very evening she signed a petition for HuT, adding the following quote: "Het wordt tijd om ons te ontdoen van een cultuur die onze islam beschadigt en de ware schoonheid van de islam uitdragen. Alleen zo zullen wij groeien in onze islam. We moeten geen energie steken in het veranderen van anderen maar laten wij zelf veranderen."

Translation: "It is about time to get rid of a culture that damages our Islam and start proclaiming the true beauty of Islam. Only thus will we grow in our Islam. We should not spend effort on changing others, but let us change ourselves". After she initially denied having signed such a petition, Leefbaar Rotterdam, the opposing local party simply produced it. After that, she had "no comment".

The HuT 'constitution' has a lot of friendly stipulations:
  • Article 1 stipulates that the state should be entirely Islamitic
  • Article 7 stipulates that apostates must be killed.
  • Article 26 stipulates that non-muslims are not allowed to vote.
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir is deeply racist: muslims have privileges; non-moslims do not.
  • Friendly quote from article 56: "Jihad is a compulsory duty on all Muslims. Military training is therefore compulsory. Thus, every male Muslim, fifteen years and over, is obliged to undergo military training in readiness for jihad."
  • Article 109 states that "the separation of sexes is fundamental".
  • And article 112 ensures us that women cannot hold "positions in power".
Hizb ut-Tahrir is a social party; hardly distinguishable from the PvdA:
  • Article 152 establishes that the State should care for people without money. The state is also responsible for housing.
  • Article 156 determines that the economy is run by the state.
Even after all this has come into the open, the PvdA has no problems keeping this infiltrator aboard in the city subdivision council. The president of the CDA faction even stated that he's ashamed of being Dutch, for what is being done to Ismaili!

We are truly being betrayed by these two parties, that currently are governing (ahem) The Netherlands. This is no ignorant dhimmitude; this is wilful treason. There used to be a penalty on that.

The PvdA has now changed her view. She has now asked Ismaili to give up her position, as her lying about the petition has lost her the trust of the faction. She has said to give it some thought.
Stay tuned.


Laine said...

What can one conclude from the cast above and their actions as to their shared leftist beliefs?

Anyone with a non-white skin is allowed to be extremist, racist and xenophobic and immune to criticism both for their ongoing personal racism and for the racism of their ancestors (e.g. black African tribes enslaved each other long before Europeans appeared and participated as sellers of enemy tribesmen in both the Arab and trans-Atlantic slave trades).

Conversely, anyone with a white skin must grovel to the favored racists. Whites must be immaculately non-racist themselves while carrying eternal guilt for the past sins of some whites. For example, descendants of white Northern soldiers who fought and died to end black slavery are still deemed guilty and must pay reparations.

This double standard can only roost in a leftist mind because it defies all logic and fairness. It is a form of sado-masochism.

R. Hartman said...

The petition can be found here (Dutch)