Monday, January 14, 2008

Enriching Dutch Culture

Dutch politicians always refer to Islam as
enriching our culture
Here's an example on how that works:

Last Saturday, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf had an article on a new Islamic movement in NL, Hizb ut-Tahrir. It's supposed to be an Islamic political party. Some quotes:

We do not agree with freedom of speech, for we denounce democracy
What you need is a heavy bomb-attack

Nobody will take action against these movements, but try to say something half as bad towards Islam and you're in trouble (seen the items on Lionheart?).

Now someone decided to email a response to these people, and received a reply from Bouchra Ismaili (Dutch), from Rotterdam's local council for subdivision Charlois. It's totally illiterate, so I can't really bring myself to fully translate it, but it starts off with:
Listen you dirty fool WE STAY HERE hahahahahah DROP DEAD
She then continues to call the writer a Satan lover, and actually states that he and his kind are the foreigners ('allochtonen'), not the immigrant muslims, and that they should convert to Islam. She rants on a bit about the writer being slave to the devil, and that she'll leave judgement to
the judge of judges ALLAH A RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!
Guess what Dutch political party this moslima is a representative of? Only one choice really: PvdA, 'Partij van de Allahs' ('Allah Party'), Labour Party. The singlemost corrupt and Islam-appeasing party in NL. The Dutch are being sold out to Islam, by their very government. If it were up to me, this lady (cough) would be sent back to Morocco, covered in tar and feathers.

But then, I am 'Islamophobic' and 'xenophobic'...

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