Monday, June 3, 2013

The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

Another Larken Rose video, for those in a hurry, those with little time to spare. It argues very convincingly why government cannot be in a position of authority. Government was meant to serve, not to rule.

Any power a government has is obtained from 'We, the People'. People cannot give away what they do not have. As a result, they cannot 'give' power to a government that they themselves do not have.

A voter can transfer his self-ownership to the government, but never somebody else's (property rights). So a voter can vote for a 'boss', but the elected boss can only 'rule' the people who voted for him, not the people who voted for another 'boss', and certainly not the people who didn't vote because they want to remain their own boss.

'Democracy' is mob rule, based on false, immoral and unethical assumptions.