Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Value of a Proper Constitution

The Netherlands is (in name) a Parliamentary Democracy, the USA is (also in name) a Constitutional Republic. While The Netherlands once had the 'Plakkaat van Verlatinghe', which inspired the US Constitution, the current Dutch 'Constitution' is not worth the paper it's written on: it holds no limitation on government power, and literally all articles explicitly allow to be overridden by law.

Not the US Constitution. Even while 'We the People' allow the American Constitution to be treaded on and vastly ignored by US government, people who still know what the Constitution stands for can use it to resist totalitarian government rules, even when decreed by the POTUS himself. The Constitution allows local law enforcement to ignore federal law when that is deemed unconstitutional. More and more states oppose the federal gun-banning efforts, as those are indeed unconstitutional, since they violate the Second Amendment. Sheriffs across the US now refuse to enforce federal gun control laws, 6 states are considering legislative action against the federal government and a Florida Senate committee has proposed a bill to ban the use of drones for spying on citizens.

The only reason they can do this is because the federal government oversteps the boundaries laid down in the Constitution, and all members of the judicial forces, sheriffs, judges, etc. have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution. It's for this reason that the Obama administration is looking into getting rid of the Constitution in its current form; it blocks the totalitarian forces in achieving what they want. Idea's that the Constitution would be outdated, not fit for modern times, etc. are already being tested in the media. Don't be fooled, and make sure your congressman isn't fooled either.

Fight for your Constitution, as it is the only thing that protects your unalienable rights from the government power mongers, the totalitarian elite that means to enslave you and live off the fruits of your labour. Watch below Fox item on the subject, featuring judge Andrew Napolitano. Be aware how important a proper Constitution is for you, and how far the US one has been overstepped already. It only goes to show how Government is the Problem, not the Solution (GPS).