Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Story of Money

Please watch Judge Andrew Napolitano explaining how governments destroys money through taxation, and how central banks are today's worst evil, thanks to those same governments. 'We, the People' should educate ourselves on money, monetary policy, fiscal policy and react.

In only 6 minutes and some change Andrew Napolitano explains the root of all evil: not money, but central banks. For the US it's The Creature from Jekyll Island, the FED. But the same holds true for all central banks.

Time to wake up!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

Another Larken Rose video, for those in a hurry, those with little time to spare. It argues very convincingly why government cannot be in a position of authority. Government was meant to serve, not to rule.

Any power a government has is obtained from 'We, the People'. People cannot give away what they do not have. As a result, they cannot 'give' power to a government that they themselves do not have.

A voter can transfer his self-ownership to the government, but never somebody else's (property rights). So a voter can vote for a 'boss', but the elected boss can only 'rule' the people who voted for him, not the people who voted for another 'boss', and certainly not the people who didn't vote because they want to remain their own boss.

'Democracy' is mob rule, based on false, immoral and unethical assumptions.

Friday, May 31, 2013

What Anarchy Isn't

Larken Rose published a very instructive video on the misconceptions regarding Anarchy. Enjoy!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Schooling is not Education

As Mark Twain historically pointed out: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
All too true. The current state-sponsored (well, tax-payer-without-any-say-sponsored) schooling system is not about education, it's about creating obedient slaves who won't question authority.

Here's a brilliant rap video clearly conveying the message.

And I've got another one, where an alumni declares bravely what she achieved at what I presume to be university. Nothing! Except excelling at nothing. Her speech takes the first four minutes of the video, but please view it all.

It does not take very much of your time, so please, view and enjoy. It is heartening that the young generation, despite all state propaganda, still has hearts and minds that thrive for freedom.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

AGENDA: Grinding America Down

The documentary 'AGENDA: Grinding America Down' is free to watch for a limited time here:

It's a great and well researched documentary, illustrating how the Fabians and the Frankfort School finally came into power through Obama, paving the way for their destructive agenda. However, there's a very disturbing undertone in this documentary, which could limit the number of viewers by driving them away, and that would be a real pity indeed. The film happens to be loaded with creationism, to an extent that morality would not be possible without 'god'.  It caused me to write the letter below to the producers, but unfortunately, nobody has bothered to send me a response. So here it is:

Dear producers of 'Agenda',

First of all, hats off to a great documentary, detailing how the Fabians and the Frankfort School aim to destroy Western Civilization. Combined with William Lind's "History of Political Correctness", this documentary clearly shows the timeline in Western decay, which already started shortly after the instigation of the Constitution, where former Founding Fathers already tried to circumvent it as soon as they became president, but which really was put into force when democrat Woodrow Wilson arranged for unlimited funds for governments by creating the ability to borrow from the FED, and then later used those funds to have the local Austrian/Hungarian conflict escalate into WWI, laying the groundwork for WWII.

There are, however, some points I'd like to address, which impact the documentary's outreach in a negative way. One is the overtly and excessive pleas for religion (more specific: christianity) to be restored. It will cause intended viewers, who really do need to become aware of the documentary's facts, but who are not necessarily believers, to switch off, missing the important facts which are presented.

At one point, the message is even as strong as stating that without religion there can be no morality, but that's ridiculous. As you indicate towards the end of the film that islam is a problem, you seem to reserve that stance for christianity only, which already indicates this is an arbitrary point of view. Religion is a belief-system, not a fact system. To 'deny the existence of god', as it is put somewhere in the film, is not to deny a fact. Hence religious people have no right to force their religious rules onto non-believers, vice versa. Live and let live. Freedom is mostly awarding liberty to others, not just claiming it for oneself. Most people who say to support liberty only support it while others hold on to the same ideals as they do themselves, other opinions should be forcefully suppressed.

The whole idea of liberty is that everyone should be free to live as they please, according to their own standards, with ONE guiding rule: the identical freedom of others should not be infringed. I do not have to like the way my neighbor lives, as long as he does not infringe on my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (including property rights), it is not my business to try and change him. Enter the non-aggression principle (NAP, which is not at all a non-violence principle, violence is allowed in self-defense, the only legitimate use of force). It should be obvious that a 'nanny state' will always break the NAP.

The christian political parties in The Netherlands do not even support the primary commandment: Thou shalt not steal; they are quite happy to rob Peter to pay Paul, after doling out a handsome retainer to themselves, of course. Even while that commandment is the only one you really need: even murder is stealing, in its most essential form: the stealing of one's prime property, one's life.

I'd also like to make a statement on homosexuality. While the documentary seems to condemn it, there's nothing to condemn. Homosexuality in itself is an abberation of nature, an abnormality, and should it be accepted for what it is, it would not be any significant factor in society. The issue here is the exploitation of homosexuality, in alternative lifestyles, gay parades and such displays that portray homosexuality as something desirable, support adoption of children by gay couples, etc. But in a society which would matter-of-factly accept homosexuality for what it is, an abberation, gay people would not be forced to uphold a false mask, marrying and reproducing (homosexuality is genetically inheritable) just for the sake of keeping up appearances of 'normality'. They would live their lives just like other people, have jobs, not 'exhibit' their 'abnormality', like heterosexual people do not 'exhibit' their 'normality'. They would just be ordinary people, blending in with everybody else.

Finally, I was caught quite by surprise by the popping-up of 'other problems, like islam' towards the end of the film, which are then agreed upon. But islam, while being a tyrannical ideology, has never been an issue for the West, until it was purposefully imported by the Western governments to break Western culture an civilization. Islam is an instrument of the Cultural Marxists, as is Climatism or the financial crisis. It struck me that the author, who laid down so clearly the intentions and instruments of the marxists, would fail to recognize this as part of the very agenda he is documenting.

The battle is not so much 'right' vs. 'left', but collectivism vs. individualism. When individual rights are respected, the rights of the 'groups' these individuals 'belong to' are automatically also respected. It does not work the same the other way around. Both 'right' and 'left' are collectivist in nature. That is what has to change. The problem is: how? Collectivists have taken over the institutions that allow them to wield power. Because they can make and (selectively) enforce their arbitrary 'laws', opposition is severely hampered. The only way to ensure this can never happen again is to eliminate those institutions, by educating the people that as long as 'bad people' exist, it's a very bad idea to create institutions like a 'government' where these people can employ their 'badness' with impunity.

Your documentary is a very useful instrument in this (difficult) education, and I think it is a real pity that part of the audience will be scared away by the excessive role that is reserved for religion, as religion is just another collectivist power system, about which many wars have been fought. The notion that morality can only come from god is a mistaken one, and history has abundant proof of that mistake. I am not religious, but there's nothing wrong with my moral compass. I know enough religious people who do not support the NAP, would like their beliefs to be forced onto everybody by state power, and hence need their compass looked after.

Thanks for your attention, and maybe you would do me the honor of a motivated response?
Soevereine groet / for Liberty,

R. Hartman

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Value of a Proper Constitution

The Netherlands is (in name) a Parliamentary Democracy, the USA is (also in name) a Constitutional Republic. While The Netherlands once had the 'Plakkaat van Verlatinghe', which inspired the US Constitution, the current Dutch 'Constitution' is not worth the paper it's written on: it holds no limitation on government power, and literally all articles explicitly allow to be overridden by law.

Not the US Constitution. Even while 'We the People' allow the American Constitution to be treaded on and vastly ignored by US government, people who still know what the Constitution stands for can use it to resist totalitarian government rules, even when decreed by the POTUS himself. The Constitution allows local law enforcement to ignore federal law when that is deemed unconstitutional. More and more states oppose the federal gun-banning efforts, as those are indeed unconstitutional, since they violate the Second Amendment. Sheriffs across the US now refuse to enforce federal gun control laws, 6 states are considering legislative action against the federal government and a Florida Senate committee has proposed a bill to ban the use of drones for spying on citizens.

The only reason they can do this is because the federal government oversteps the boundaries laid down in the Constitution, and all members of the judicial forces, sheriffs, judges, etc. have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution. It's for this reason that the Obama administration is looking into getting rid of the Constitution in its current form; it blocks the totalitarian forces in achieving what they want. Idea's that the Constitution would be outdated, not fit for modern times, etc. are already being tested in the media. Don't be fooled, and make sure your congressman isn't fooled either.

Fight for your Constitution, as it is the only thing that protects your unalienable rights from the government power mongers, the totalitarian elite that means to enslave you and live off the fruits of your labour. Watch below Fox item on the subject, featuring judge Andrew Napolitano. Be aware how important a proper Constitution is for you, and how far the US one has been overstepped already. It only goes to show how Government is the Problem, not the Solution (GPS).