Friday, February 3, 2012

Ron Paul - Face to Face

A fairly aggressive but fair interview challenging Ron Paul's stand on American and global politics, by Jon Ralston. Watch how Paul does not fall for suggestive questioning, does not bow down to the aggressiveness. For all who think Ron Paul is unelectable, who think this man will pose a threat to America, this is a must-see interview.

Drop your prejudice, take a step back, sit down and listen to what is being said, not who is saying it. Then, after you have formed your informed opinion, do think about who says it, and how he's consistently been saying this for the past 30 years. I read a response on a blog somewhere recently that sums up what Ron Paul is, and how he's being looked at and thought about. Someone wrote:
Ron Paul appears to be a bit of an odd character, until you start realizing that everything he's said and predicted over the years has the eery tendency to (have) become reality.
The exact quote escapes me, but it was something along these lines, and I think that pretty much sums it up.