Monday, January 31, 2011

The Criminal Truth

The latest Pat Condell video is a very important one. Pat clearly explains what the Main Stream Media do not want to address, and that's how the peoples of the Western culture are being sold out to islam by making the truth a crime. Once upon a time, treason was punishable by death. These days, the traitors are applauded by their peers, leaving their subjects to pay the price, at gunpoint.

This is what you get when cowardly power-mongers assume the power & violence monopoly of the state. Honest and honorable citizens have no fighting chance defending themselves against these thugs. It may require a people's uproar like currently is taking place in the islamic world; unfortunately, those will ensure the Muslim Brotherhood will assume power, and all those people now burning the streets and looting the shops will find themselves in vessel states of Iran before they realize it, and possibly be longing for times gone by very soon.

I wish I could say: "Enjoy Pat's latest", but there's precious little to enjoy. However, this video is a must see for anyone who still values what's been left of our culture and freedom. Dear reader, I present you Pat Condell's The Criminal Truth. Peace.