Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kangaroo Courts in a Banana Monarchy

Yesterday, the political trial against Geert Wilders started. While the court earlier already denied Wilders the majority of his witnesses, it allowed only three out of eighteen, claiming that it did not need to hear the same story multiple times, it yesterday once again showed its true (green+red=brown) colors: when Wilders announced he will appeal to his right to remain silent, the lead judge commented that it looked like Wilders lived up to his MSM reputation of posing a statement and then avoiding the debate.

A more clear demonstration of prejudice is hardly thinkable, as anyone following the debate knows that Wilders is always prepared to defend his opinions, and explain the delicacy of his position. Yesterday Wilders commented that he felt more like being in conversation with a D'66 (Democrats '66, the left wing traitor party more commonly referred to as Dhimmy'66) colleague than with an independent court. He also said he did not take back a single word, but that he was not responsible for statements he never made, but which were attributed to him by others.

Wilders lawyer, Mr. Moszkowicz, informed whether the lead judges opinion was shared by the other two judges, as he needed clarity on how to proceed. The two declared that their leader had spoken for the court, after which Mr. Moszkowicz appealed for the entire court to be dismissed.

Today, the dismissal-court (wrakings rechtbank, I 'm not very familiar with the English legal terms) will decide whether or not the judges will be replaced, effectively meaning a return to square one, or whether they will ignore Wilders' appeal and have the trial continue as if nothing happened. Nothing is certain, as the dismissal court will be presided by another left-wing judge, Mr. F. Bauduin, who judged the harm done to premier-to-be Pim Fortuyn, our democratic system (well...) and our legal system by extreme left-wing killer Volkert van der Graaf not severe enough for a life sentence (the killer of Theo van Gogh did receive a life sentence, though). Well, that murder 'only' encompassed a coup d'etat, no less, but as it was a coup for the Left, it was more than welcome. Van der Graaf will be a free man again in 2014.

Today, 'newspaper' De Telegraaf runs an article revealing that Justice minister Hirsch Ballin has been involved in the prosecution of Geert Wilders, in a very early stage (2008). This Justice minster has been involved in more dubious developments around Geert Wilders, amongst others in the state-directed panic on Wilders' film Fitna. Hirsch Ballin is also the man behind the unfounded arrest of Gregorius Nekschot, a cartoonist critical of islam and left-wing politics.

Last week, Hirsch Ballin very strongly opposed the new coalition in the Netherlands, where his party CDA will rule with the VVD, supported by Geert Wilders' PVV. The CDA party members have voted for this coalition with 68% against 32%, a two-thirds majority. Nevertheless, Hirsch Ballin is trying to get the seats in parliament now filled with 32% dissidents ("to reflect the voting"), which would effectively blow up the new government before it started. Today the final result of that circus is expected.

The Telegraaf's article reveals that the justice department has asked professor Rick Lawson, tied to Leiden University, to investigate the chances of successfully prosecuting Wilders. After a ten-page analysis, Lawson concludes that there are sufficient grounds to prosecute. Internal emails from 2008 now show that this advice led to euphoria, and that the people involved (a.o. the Amsterdam court) would discuss this with the Justice minister and the head of the prosecution department. While this department (OM) decided not to prosecute, the Amsterdam court later forced it to do that anyway.

Wilders' lawyer is stunned about the revelation: "Not only has a possible prosecution of my client been discussed at the highest ministerial level, but on top of that, political considerations have played a role in the decision to start prosecuting."

According to the OM, nothing untoward has happened: "The minister is politically responsible for the OM. He regularly has to explain to parliament why the OM decides to prosecute (or not) in sensitive cases. So the OM has to inform him. The law provides for cases where the minster disagrees with the decision of the OM, and allows him to instruct otherwise". Yeah, sure.

This is the same Hirsch Ballin who has been linked to possible corruption over ten years ago already, who has blocked all investigation attempts against Joris Demmink, the highest officer in the Justice department who has been accused multiple times of pedophilia (and worse) but is still in function, and who has been involved in a scam with Harm Brouwer, head of the OM, to get the murderers of Marianne Vaatstra, a 16 year old girl raped, mutilated and killed by 'asylum-seekers', off the hook.

The same Hirsch Ballin also, who has been trying hard to get internet censorship laws pushed through parliament while he still can, before he has to move out of the way. The proponent of a party, whose fossil members complained over the past few weeks on how Wilders endangered the justice-state. The Netherlands are no justice-state anymore, and have not been for quite some time already. The justices are accountable to noone, appointed by the crown, guided by the leftist preferences of that crown, and many are provably corrupt.

Kangaroo Courts in a Banana Monarchy. The Netherlands have truly sunk way below sea level, not only physically, but also morally, the queen and her 'elites' guiding the way down.

Today at 14:00 it will be decided whether Wilders' trial has to be re-done from the start, or whether the corrupt Left will abandon all pretense and just continue openly on its way to avoid obstructions on the path of the Frankfurter Schule.

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