Thursday, May 13, 2010

Controversy on Smolensk air crash

A couple of videos have surfaced on YouTube which have stirred some controversy on the Smolensk air crash in which the Polish president Lech Kaczynski died, amongst others. Below the fold you'll find two videos, one by Jane Bürgermeister, questioning what really happened, and the other an enhanced version of a video mentioned by Bürgermeister, which appears to show that shortly after the crash, before any emergency services arrived, survivers were being shot and killed. While some of Bürgermeisters comments seem a little far fetched, she poses a number of legitimate questions to which, to date, no answers are being given.

Allegedly, the person who shot the second video was stabbed and killed in hospital, in an incident referred to by authorities as an accident. I haven't been able to confirm this claim, and neither why this person would have been in hospital in the first place. If true, this would be a bit too coincidental for comfort.

What struck me first about the crash is the fact that apparently so many 'important' persons were on that single flight, something any security adviser worth his paycheck would have vehemently protested against. Businesses won't let strategic staff or specialists fly together, as a precaution against endangering the businesses' future by such an accident. So why would a government. Did they all deem themselves so important that they had to be on the government plane? Whatever the reason, it's bad strategy, as is so painfully proven here.

On to the first video; Jane Bürgermeister:

and here, the second:

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