Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Or: How politicians really see their voters.

The fact that politicians as a rule are lying through their teeth while changing their story depending on their audience should not come as a surprise to anyone. Nor the fact that they will only openly state what they really think if they feel secure and unexposed.

The reason behind the changing stories is of course that when an audience hears what it likes to hear, chances are that their members will treat the politician as a friend, and maybe even vote for him. On Wednesday, April 28, just outside Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, campagning Gordon Brown spoke with mrs. Gillian Duffy, a Labour voter who subjected him to some honest, critical, but relatively mild, questions. As it turned out, Brown could not deal with the concerns of this lady, and unwittingly showed his true colors. Please watch the video below, notice Brown's body language, and especially the remark at the end of the video, while Brown is driven off.

Now that's what we've come to expect from politicians these days. The SkyNews crew, sensing a little scandal, hurries after mrs. Duffy te get her response:

While mrs. Duffy appears to have a keen eye for what Labour has doen to her England, she does not appear to have linked the decade of decline to the schemings of her party; she may not be aware of the documents that fairly recently surfaced and showed that Labour intentionally has used mass immigration since 2000 as a means to disrupt society. Her esteem for Gordon Brown, however, sure got quite a dent this time.

BBC radio 2 called on Brown for a public apology, again look at the man's body language:

From his performance it is clear that Brown mainly regrets being overheard, and now had to eat humble pie in an attemt to twist his way out of what clearly was his honest opinion of mrs. Duffy. Afterwards, Brown was driven back to Rochdale, where he spent 45 minutes with mrs. Duffy to offer his sincere apologies. This is what he had to say about it afterwards:

Boy, is he relieved. Does he really believe that people will now consider him to be sincere? How can politicians face themselves in the mirror, without feeling disgusted to their core?

Who is John Galt?

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