Friday, March 5, 2010

Harare on the river Maas (updated)

(The city formerly known as Rotterdam)

Local elections were held in The Netherlands on March 3, and who has been watching them would not have believed these were elections in a European country. Where European states send observers to countries like Zimbabwe in order to ensure no irregularities take place it has become time for coutries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela to return the favor.

Labour politicians issued campaign posters in Turkish, Moroccan and Arabic, as otherwise the uneducated, unassimilated, analphabetic immigrants would not be able to understand where to get their free lunch. "You cannot exclude these people from the democratic process" is their legitimation. In my view, someone who doesn't understand the slightest about his guest country should not be allowed to influence that countries politics by being granted the privilege to vote. But then again, how else is labour to stay in power?

Well, they have some other tricks to that effect up their sleeve. Like ignoring voting laws, and hijacking ballot boxes. It did have some undesired side effects, like non-native candidats taking over labour in Helmond, where out of 6 seats only one will be occupied by a Dutchman, while the complete PvdA section in Feijenoord (RotterdamHarare-on-the-river-Maas) had already been taken over by Turks earlier, causing local labour to urge people not to vote for labour... Immigants have taken over more PvdA councils, often by 50% or more, but nowhere as bad as in Helmond or Feijenoord.

The Dutch voting law is clear on procedure in the voting booth: never more than one person in the booth. In RotterdamHarare-on-the-river-Maas, people of islamic descent were very often in the booth with two or tree people at a time, with teh excuse that the voter needed help as she (mostly) did not understand what to do. Well, if you don't know what to do, you should not be there. This was largely allowed by the staf of the voting localities (the full staff of two localities was replaced as it was all too obvious), while for natives the rules were enforced to ridicule.

One voting commissioner even sent back home his own wife, as she had left her ID at home and thus could not present it, a new rule, instigated in a fake attempt to stop fraude committed by immigrants. A commenter in a national paper had this to say about it: His pencil will probably not be sharpened for a while... in reference to the fact that for the first time, voting machines were banned as these are deemed to be unreliable and easily rigged, and voting has been reverted to using a red pencil on a ballot form.

As far as rigging goes, in a white neighborhood of RotterdamHarare-on-the-river-Maas, two ballot boxes dissapeared, to be found empty when they were recovered later. The news failed to make the Main Stream Media, no surprise there. The Mayor of RotterdamHarare-on-the-river-Maas, the Moroccan Ahmed Aboutaleb, sees no harm in all this and feels that 'closer scrutiny in the future', the standard response for all irregularities, should suffice. Which never happens, of course. No reason for even a recount, while there's plenty of reason the have the entire Rotterdam election redone. Well, he's a labour immigrant, so what would you expect.

Leefbaar Rotterdam, the party that saw life under Pim Fortuyn, has only 600 votes or so less than Labour (PvdA), so for that reason alone the lost ballot boxes could make a lot of difference. The largest party gets the first attempt to form the local council for the coming for years, and even while the number of seats are the same, 14, the PvdA will be considered the largest party, as it has slightly more votes. Labour has already announced to ignore the votes for Leefbaar, and to form a coalition with three other parties (the minimum to reach a majority).

Which goes to show that democracy has nothing to do with it, as democracy would dictate that the winners of the elections should be ruling the city, democracy being mob rule, the Terror of the Majority. Leefbaar has always said not to exclude labour, but hey, labour, being labour, only has complete ignorance and disdain for voters. Hopefully Leefbaar will raise a proper stink, and insist on redoing the elections. If that does not happen, Rotterdam, once one of the world's greatest sea ports, can be written off completely and live on under the name of Harare on the river Maas. And The Netherlands will truly and irrevocably have become a banana Monarchy. Time to get rid of the Oranges, too...

With lots and lots of items coming from the blogosphere, the MSM has finally woken up and is calling for a recount. One of the empty boxes was 'accounted for' as the votes were supposedly found in another ballot box. Reportedly, 105 votes had been omitted, 5 Labour and 100 Leefbaar. It was also found that out of 15 districts, only 3 had counted properly. That's what you get if you leave the handling and counting of votes to the stakeholders...

The recount chant of course is silly, a typically leftist approach of starting 'investigations' in the middle. Starting at the start, the obvious approach, would leave them empty handed, more often than not. I mean, what good will it do to recount votes of which we already know they were cast in a fraudulent manner? The hope is of course that the repeated focus on a recount will lull the voter into submission that this is enough, according to Goebbelian doctrine: repeat a lie often enough and it will become truth.

While a proper recount will show a difference, the only real solution is to have the entire election redone, with proper control, and with independent vote-counters. Maybe, just maybe, that may even happen, but then again: hasn't this proven that the whole political system is corrupt, null and void? Isn't it time for something completely new?


marry said...

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Thorum said...

Wow, this story is really sad. My forefathers who left Amsterdam to America in the late 1600's would surely be sad to see the invasion that is happening...

開心唷 said...


Frits said...

This is a pretty one sided view of what happened. Iwill agree that is was farcical. But farcical from both sides I would say. What you conveniently forget to mention is that Leefbaar Rotterdam was actively and illegally trying to get people to give partymembers their voting papers with their signatures affixed. The fact that the Gemeente Rotterdam can't actually control it's elective process is shameful to say the least. But to blame it all on the left is way to simplistic. the elections were not rigged by any specific party. Several parties tried to abuse the fact that there was a very poor organisation of said elections

R. Hartman said...

Facts, please. Can you substantiate your claims re Leefbaar? A link would be nice.

Frits said...

also it was in several dutch newspapers including NRCnext which I read.

Let me make it crytal clear here that my attack on Leefbaar Rotterdam isn't in defense of the PvDA (I'm not a big fan of them anyway), it just shows that all the political parties were in the wrong, and that blaming this on just one of the parties is neither factual nor really helpfull.

oh and btw I will keep corresponding in English, since that is the language you chose for this blog, but as you have no doubt realized I am dutch as well so any personal correspondence can be either in dutch or english.

I noted that you are at least interested in objectivism (if not a supporter) here's another link discussing objectivism and Ayn Rand. It's very much against it, but I think you'll find it interesting reading nonetheless:

Frits said...

Oh yes.. This new was also on Radio 1 (dutch public news radio for you non-dutch) and included interviews with Ronald van Buiten (the alleged culprit) and Marco pastor

R. Hartman said...

I just checked the uitkijk-link on Leefbaar, which is old news which could not be substantiated. This was an internal memo, not external like Labour did on it's website, offering people transport when they would vote for them.

Having said that, it's all water under the bridge. The recount has now properly counted all fraudulous votes, and the proper action, a re-election, was not taken, nor demanded by Leefbaar. Which probably means something as well.

What it certainly does mean is that all people who still hold moral values should no longer want to be associated with the immorality of voting, where playing the game means accepting its rules.

I will not, however, follow your exiledonline link, not because it may be opposing objectivism, but the link itself tells a whole story in itself, starting with misinformation. Objectivism has nothing to do with right wing (or left wing, for that matter) politics.

Ayn Rand was inconsistent, by the way, as she defended minarchism and despised anarcho-capitalism (although she was a firm defender of capitalism, and Atlas Shrugged is more of a plea for anarcho-capitalism than for minarchism).

Nevertheless, anybody claiming that a philosophy that embodies non-agression and voluntary cooperation between people is scarier-than-the-manson-family needs to have his/her head examined and I will not waste my precious free time on rants by claimants as such.

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