Friday, March 5, 2010

Harare on the river Maas (updated)

(The city formerly known as Rotterdam)

Local elections were held in The Netherlands on March 3, and who has been watching them would not have believed these were elections in a European country. Where European states send observers to countries like Zimbabwe in order to ensure no irregularities take place it has become time for coutries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela to return the favor.

Labour politicians issued campaign posters in Turkish, Moroccan and Arabic, as otherwise the uneducated, unassimilated, analphabetic immigrants would not be able to understand where to get their free lunch. "You cannot exclude these people from the democratic process" is their legitimation. In my view, someone who doesn't understand the slightest about his guest country should not be allowed to influence that countries politics by being granted the privilege to vote. But then again, how else is labour to stay in power?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Speech in the EU is very expensive...

Nigel Farage, the outspoken UKIP member in the European Parliament, has been fined for exercising his right to free speech and telling an inconvenient truth in that Parliament. Here the 'offense':

And here's the result:

Free Speech is very expensive in the EU these days.

While I did not think the ad-hominem bit very strong, I can understand where it came from, and it shows that even Nigel is getting fed up with the totalitarian bunch that runs the EU. In a way, as he stated, he's only returning the favor. Anyway, he's corrected that now, by apologizing to bank employees, who might indeed rightfully be offended. But remember: being offended is a choice!