Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Crooked Judges of Amsterdam

Or: How the Truth Became Illegal. Well, it's been that for a while, but never as openly as in the case against Geert Wilders, who is facing prosecution for stating the truth. Mark Steyn had something to say about that, and so does Pat Condell, who should be taking care of his health. Michael Badnarik already suffered a heart attack, in his quest for the Constitution, which is bad enough, so we don need Mr. Condell following his ways... Listen to Pat, and 'enjoy'. I'm fully aware it's not the right term, but boy, do we need a voice like his.

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Frits said...

Shame on Pat Condell I would say actually,

Geert Wilders has every right to free speech. However we have had laws in the netherlands protecting minorities (including religions) against discriminination. These laws have been put to the test time and time again by christians and other religious groups who took people to court for discriminating against them. They usually lost those cases. Mister Condell obviously has no idea this law exists, or else he wants dutch muslims to be unable to exercise their rights on this law. In which case Mister condell's boohooing about our justice system being broken is not only contradictory but extremely hypocritical as well.

Geert Wilders has said some true things about Islam, but has been extremely derogatory about ALL muslims in general. Muslims are now using their right to test dutch law. There is every chance Geert Wilders will be aquitted of the charges laid against him. Mr. Condell's dishonesty shines most brightly when he says that the trial was planned to take place during the upcoming elections. This is a blatant lie. Our election was not scheduled for another year, however sometime AFTER Mr. Wilders had been indited our cabinet fell due to internal bickering on unrelated matters and a new election date was set for june. Oh and let's not forget the extreme happiness mr Wilders displayed when the current cabinet fell (not that that is a bad thing, I was very happy myself)

This also asks the question on why Geert Wilders is saying things like wanting to institute a gob-rag tax (loose translation of the words he used) by which he meant (and easily could have said) a headscarf tax. Now obviously he has the right to say these things, but he also can be challenged on these things. But why is he saying these things? does he actually mean them? when asking those questions you have to look at his freedom party. A party without members, a party you can't become a member of if you really really wanted to. There was a bit of interesting under-cover journalism where a young journalist worked in a minor function at the party for three months. what this showed is that the party had an extremely dim view of it's voters. their electorate was alternatively called 'imbeciles'and 'morons'. It shows a party of incredible populist motives, without any actual positions on how to rule our country in the long term because 'that would hurt our populism'. Wilders a hero. what a joke. and I haven't even gone in to the mysterious financing of the party, which was a mystery even to financial functionaries in the party, though one said; 'I think that the party is financed by rich american jews'. Though this is by no means a fact and shouldn't be taken as such it does warrant some further investigation into the parties finances.

Mr. Condell heard something from somewhere and without even checking the background he went on to a sefrighteous rant, that no-one should take seriously. I am not a fan of Islam at all. I just felt that this utter warping of what's going on demanded some facts. so if you ever read this Mr. 'I'm so righteous'Condell, I hope you learn that it helps to actually know something about the subject you are ranting about.