Monday, January 4, 2010

Stop Injustice to the People of Iceland!

To: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown and Secretary of Treasury of The Netherlands Wouter Bos

WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby Petition the above officials to withdraw their claim that all the people of Iceland should be held responsible for the mistakes made by officials and bankers of the involved countries with regard to the demise of Landsbanki/Icesave.

This petition is created by Dutch libertarian blog that speaks out for individual liberty and opposes abuse by the state. It is important that all morally responsible people, especially in UK and Holland, show to the Icelandics that we support them and are explicitly not supporting our government in their decision.

Total amount claimed by The Netherlands and UK amounts to 3.8 euro billion. Since Iceland only has 320,000 inhabitants, this results in a staggering 12,000 euro per inhabitant. Apart from the fact that the legal basis is very weak, the claims have no moral or ethical foundation and will lead to the robbing and prolonged suffering of ordinary citizens such as elderly, hard working laborers, children and disabled, all of them not being involved in the failings of Landsbanki/Icesave whatsoever.

Instead the governments of The Netherlands and UK should focus on finding and bringing to justice all involved greedy bankers, officials and regulators.

The Icelandic parliament has narrowly approved the payment plan with Dutch and UK governments with only 33 of 63 members. The people of Iceland are however increasingly against the bill. Polls suggest that 70\% is against it. Also more than 56,000 people have already signed a petition, handed over to the president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.

Mister Grimsson has now asked for some time to consider the bill, which will only be effected once he signed it. Should he not sign the bill, the bill will be left to a referendum.


1) to respect fundamental ethical and moral values and to drop their excessive claims of in total 3.8 billion euro on the government and therefore ordinary citizens of Iceland
2) to find and bring to justice all involved bankers, companies and government officials


The Undersigned

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