Monday, November 30, 2009

Government and Crime

Now that western governments are caught red-handed with their climatism racket scheme, the definition of crime is being reinvented. Dutch environment minister Jacqueline Cramer, a communist, is appalled by the crime of hacking the email system of the climatism mob. Even though the 'scientists' involved have acknowledged that the material is genuine, Cramer is convinced that the 'criminals' did some 'selective shopping' and have manipulated the material to make climatism look bad. She refuses to discuss the evidence, but keeps stressing that the hackers should be identified and proscecuted.

Please note that, before she came into office, Cramer signed a page-wide newspaper support petition for fellow communists who committed burglary in a government building in order to steal documents on nuclear energy plans...

Now that not only the UK has been proven to be involved, but also New Zealand, the true global proportions of this lie, led by Al Gore (how apt a name) become visible. In Australia, the government may fall over the hoax.

However, the silence is deafening. The Main Stream Media do not publish anything substantial on the matter at all, and while Dutch newspaper The Telegraaf mentioned the scam and the surrounding silence, it also keeps publishing climatist items without any reference to the scam. Dutch government turns a deaf ear and a blind eye and keeps pushing for an international treaty in Copenhagen in December, and presenting laws imposing yet more CO2 taxes that should cost the Dutch taxpayer another 20 million euros in 2012, to pay for the climate regulations. It will drive up energy bills by as much as 300 euro for a lot of people.

Also planned for 2012 is the infamous 'Kilometer heffing', the per-kilometer charge for driving, which will double the current cost of mobility, while the current taxes on mobility are only returned in infrastructural improvements by some 20%. The rest goes into leftist hobbies, like immigration of analphabetic muslims and others that have no ability to help improve the economy, only drain it. Under the 'heffing', every driver will be followed by GPS, so the state will always know exactly when and where someone was at any given time, what route was taken and what speed was driven at. Public transport offers full control as well, as anonymous tickets cease to exist in favor of a chip system requiring travelers to check in and out for each journey, informing government where they are. GSM tracking will fill in the blanks. Totalitarianism in optima forma. Such is the state of affairs these days.

As Dutch party PVV, of Geert Wilders, opposes these crippling measures, elitists join together in order to try to arrange a repeat performance of 2002, when they succeeded in getting Pim Fortuyn killed by demonizing him. Almost every day, someone hits the media with a comparison of Wilders to Nazi-Germany, completely forgetting (well, ignoring and trying to hide from the people) that Hitler was a socialist, like themselves, and was very tight with islamists, again, like themselves.

While to some it is very obvious that they try to associate someone with evil that really is tied to themselves, many fall for the rhetoric. In a country where Hitler is said to be far right, where in reality he was as left as the current government, the people cannot even blamed for their blindness: brainwashing starts at a very young age. What they can be blamed for is their refusal to learn, to even open their eyes and engage whatever is left of what once was their brain.

Stefan Molyneux made a very clear case why government by definition will consist of criminals: it's the only place criminals can legitimize their crimes and get away with it. Ayn Rand made similar observations, a long time ago already.

We are facing grim times, and if we can't get these criminals before a court of law (real law, not the leftist PC law) soon, times will get more grim very quickly. Until the people finally have had enough, and the lynching starts. We should find a way to prevent that, as then there will only be losers. But given the way Dutch government appears to be in a real hurry to rob its citizens blind, I'm not very hopeful.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nigel Farage speaks the Truth

And gets clobbered for it

November 25 in the Eurpean Parliament, November 27 on DutchConcerns.

or: How Eurabia becomes a totalitarian state at frightening speed...

Hattip: PrisonPlanet.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Crime of Telling the Truth

Due to serious lack of time I've neglected this blog for too long, and it does not look I'll have much more time in the near future. Apologies to my followers for that. However, the latest Pat Condell is a complaint to the abject slaves of Islam in Dutch governement and a warning for America to wake up. As always, Pat is telling the truth that many, especially those in power, do not like and would love to hide.
Enjoy, and stay vigilant.