Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hanging Geert Wilders

Last Tuesday a doll was found hanging in the vicinity of The Hague Central Station. Four persons were arrested who claimed the hanging was an 'art-project' and the doll, with a picture of Geert Wilders knifed to it, was an 'object of art'. I didn have time to report on it before, but GoV correspondent VH translated the news article for Baron Bodissey, who published it on his site. I've taken the liberty to reproduce that translation here (thanks, VH):
Police in The Hague this Tuesday found a doll in the vicinity of the Central Station of the Hague [at the Koeklamplaan] on which a picture of PVV leader Geert Wilders had been stuck with a knife. The doll was hung from a tree with a rope around the neck. The police arrested four persons who confessed their involvement.

That is what the police of the Hague have made public. Around the photo of Wilders, fake blood was smeared. The doll also had a bag over its head. The police, in consultation with the public prosecutor has confiscated the doll. Geert Wilders, according to the police, has indicated that he will file a report of the threat with the police.

The four arrested suspects, three women and a man, 18 and 19 years old, are from the Hague, Leiden and Nootdorp, and said the doll was an art project as part of an assignment for school. Two of the women have been released; they seemed to have nothing to do with the matter. The other woman’s involvement is being investigated at the moment. The man remains a suspect, a police spokeswoman said.

No doubt, the 'art' claim is intended to escape prosecution, as another 'artist', who placed 16 altars resembling memorial shrines for Wilders in various spots in Rotterdam, was let off the hook earlier.

9/11 Revisited

In a staged interview with Mr. Obama, actor/director Charlie Sheen revisites the still uncleared issues on 9/11, requesting a new investigation from the man that promised change and more openness from government. Given the fact that Mr. Obama is most likely not a legal president, and that all his actions since his inauguration are completely opposite to his promises, I will not hold my breath.

However, the issues Charlie Sheen puts forward are now undisputed, and have not been listed so clearly together so far. It's refreshing to see an established celebrity using his brain instead of blindly adoring the Obama cult and its suffocating socialism, like so many celebrities do. Well worth a read: Twenty Minutes with the President.