Monday, June 29, 2009

Aufmachen! Kontrolle!

In large parts of the world, the German words 'Aufmachen', Kontrolle' and 'Ausweis' do not need translation, like the Dutch word 'Apartheid' is a world-wide tribute to the glorious past of the Dutch (ahem). These words are rightfully associated with the rulers of Nazi-Germany, who during WorldWar II imposed a lot of socialist rulings that were kept alive by the socialists in power after the war. One of them is taxation on owning a radio or TV. This rule was enforced Gestapo-style (complete with long leather coats, boots and hats, breaking and entering) until it was disbanded included into the income tax regime (in 2000!), making it independent of owning such a device.

It turns out that those who loved their Gestapo performance didn't like having their hobby taken away from them, so they now dreamt up something new: house-inspections. A reader of Dutch blog Vrijspreker sent in a personal experience with this Nazi-division, and it is truly horrific.

One fine day, his doorbell rang, and as he was upstairs he inquired from his window who was there. It turned out to be the 'Haagse Pand Brigade', that came to inspect the house. He informed the 'Brigade' that there was nothing for them to inspect, after which they immediately turned hostile. They would visit again, and next time he'd better let them in, or they'd break down his door and enter without his permission, either with or without his presence.

Wow, how's that for a free country. Or should I say: a more and more openly fascist country. It turns out that the city had combined databases of the police, city, energy suppliers and some others for 19.000 addresses, and as a result of that wanted to 'inspect' 13.000 of those addresses for things like fire hazards (read: weed farms) or other 'socially undesired' aspects. The guy owns his house, has an honest job to earn his living and cannot think of anything that would warrant suspicion. When trying to talk to the local government on it: surprise!, they can't think of anything either! But they persist in threatening him, in writing!, and if he refuses, well, surely he must have something to hide? Yeah, you're a criminal unless proven innocent. Say the worst criminals of all.

The official fax number they gave him, for his formal complaint, is a 'no-answer'number, despite being confirmed by 3 different city council representatives. A working number, found on the internet, accepts his fax, but then staff cannot find it, as they "don't know where that fax machine is"... So after stalling a few days, they asked him to complain through snail-mail, making his objections seem even more delayed. No go...

So far, his complaints have prohibited the second visit, but the playing field is still wide open. When our poster mentioned 'burglary' to the city's official, he muttered that burglary is illegal, pretending not to grasp that our poster was referring to his team's threatened practices.

Worst thing is that these practices turn out to be happening over the past 4 years already, in various cities, where Rotterdam earned an official reprimande for it's conduct, but the councils just carry on. Most people do not even object to this vast invasion of their privacy; they're dumbstruck by 30 years of socialist abuse, completely brainwashed and numbed into an endless trust in the state.

Well, if you ever find somebody on your doorstep saying: "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you", slam the door, and run like hell. One of the most annoying (if not surprising) things is that 'freedom fighter' Wilders is nowhere to be seen in this matter. As I state in the left margin, I do not agree with a number of aspects of Wilders, and this is certainly one of them. Problem is that all other parties are worse, overall.

The case has certainly drawn lots of attention, Dutch shock-blog GeenStijl wrote about it, as well as various other blogs, and GroenLinks (the Green Left) in The Hague's local council will be asking questions on July 2nd. But then, there are other issues with GroenLinks in power.

Followers of this blog know I'm slightly (...) irregular on posting (time, time, time), but I'll try to write updates when significant progress is made (one way or the other). Stay tuned.

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