Monday, June 29, 2009

Aufmachen! Kontrolle!

In large parts of the world, the German words 'Aufmachen', Kontrolle' and 'Ausweis' do not need translation, like the Dutch word 'Apartheid' is a world-wide tribute to the glorious past of the Dutch (ahem). These words are rightfully associated with the rulers of Nazi-Germany, who during WorldWar II imposed a lot of socialist rulings that were kept alive by the socialists in power after the war. One of them is taxation on owning a radio or TV. This rule was enforced Gestapo-style (complete with long leather coats, boots and hats, breaking and entering) until it was disbanded included into the income tax regime (in 2000!), making it independent of owning such a device.

It turns out that those who loved their Gestapo performance didn't like having their hobby taken away from them, so they now dreamt up something new: house-inspections. A reader of Dutch blog Vrijspreker sent in a personal experience with this Nazi-division, and it is truly horrific.

One fine day, his doorbell rang, and as he was upstairs he inquired from his window who was there. It turned out to be the 'Haagse Pand Brigade', that came to inspect the house. He informed the 'Brigade' that there was nothing for them to inspect, after which they immediately turned hostile. They would visit again, and next time he'd better let them in, or they'd break down his door and enter without his permission, either with or without his presence.

Wow, how's that for a free country. Or should I say: a more and more openly fascist country. It turns out that the city had combined databases of the police, city, energy suppliers and some others for 19.000 addresses, and as a result of that wanted to 'inspect' 13.000 of those addresses for things like fire hazards (read: weed farms) or other 'socially undesired' aspects. The guy owns his house, has an honest job to earn his living and cannot think of anything that would warrant suspicion. When trying to talk to the local government on it: surprise!, they can't think of anything either! But they persist in threatening him, in writing!, and if he refuses, well, surely he must have something to hide? Yeah, you're a criminal unless proven innocent. Say the worst criminals of all.

The official fax number they gave him, for his formal complaint, is a 'no-answer'number, despite being confirmed by 3 different city council representatives. A working number, found on the internet, accepts his fax, but then staff cannot find it, as they "don't know where that fax machine is"... So after stalling a few days, they asked him to complain through snail-mail, making his objections seem even more delayed. No go...

So far, his complaints have prohibited the second visit, but the playing field is still wide open. When our poster mentioned 'burglary' to the city's official, he muttered that burglary is illegal, pretending not to grasp that our poster was referring to his team's threatened practices.

Worst thing is that these practices turn out to be happening over the past 4 years already, in various cities, where Rotterdam earned an official reprimande for it's conduct, but the councils just carry on. Most people do not even object to this vast invasion of their privacy; they're dumbstruck by 30 years of socialist abuse, completely brainwashed and numbed into an endless trust in the state.

Well, if you ever find somebody on your doorstep saying: "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you", slam the door, and run like hell. One of the most annoying (if not surprising) things is that 'freedom fighter' Wilders is nowhere to be seen in this matter. As I state in the left margin, I do not agree with a number of aspects of Wilders, and this is certainly one of them. Problem is that all other parties are worse, overall.

The case has certainly drawn lots of attention, Dutch shock-blog GeenStijl wrote about it, as well as various other blogs, and GroenLinks (the Green Left) in The Hague's local council will be asking questions on July 2nd. But then, there are other issues with GroenLinks in power.

Followers of this blog know I'm slightly (...) irregular on posting (time, time, time), but I'll try to write updates when significant progress is made (one way or the other). Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


"Obama is God", how's that for blasphemy?

At least this guy admits Obama is not pro-America, but he seems to think that's a God-like quality.

Should anybody really be surprised, that this inhabitant of the White House, who cannot prove to be a constitutional POTUS, who seeks dialog with people who over 30 years have proven to have only America's destruction as their goal, who shows more openly each day to be a muslim himself and who seeks to drive all businesses that keep the American economy afloat either to their grave or out of the country should turn out to be the worst thing that could happen to the US, and thus, the world since Carter and the Clinton administration?

America, stay on watch! Your freedom is being taken away hand over fist, like ours here in Europe. Obama means business, like the government in Atlas Shrugged meant business.

Who is John Galt?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Voting for the Eldorado of Prostitutes

Tomorrow, June 4th, the citizens of the European countries are having the chance to vote for the European Parliament, the toothless paper tiger that merely advises the anti-democratic European Commission and costs the European taxpayer a fortune for the pleasure.

Basil Venitis, professor at University of Indianapolis, Athens Greece, wrote a piece on it and sent it to Dutch blog Vrijspreker. I take the liberty to publish it here. It's about the Eldorado of Underworld, its Eldorado of Corruption and its Eldorado of Prostitutes. Enjoy.

Ayn Rand, forerunner of venitism, points out that the right to vote is a consequence, not a primary cause, of a free social system, and its value depends on the constitutional structure implementing and strictly delimiting the voters’ power; unlimited majority rule is an instance of the principle of tyranny. A majority vote is not an epistemological validation of an idea. Voting is merely a proper political device, within a strictly, constitutionally delimited sphere of action, for choosing the practical means of implementing a society’s basic principles. But those principles are not determined by vote.

Rand asserts that individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority. The citizens of a free nation may disagree about the specific legal procedures or methods of implementing their rights (which is a complex problem, the province of political science and of the philosophy of law), but they agree on the basic principle to be implemented: the principle of individual rights.

When a country’s constitution places individual rights outside the reach of public authorities, the sphere of political power is severely delimited, and thus the citizens may, safely and properly, agree to abide by the decisions of a majority vote in this delimited sphere. The lives and property of minorities or dissenters are not at stake, are not subject to vote and are not endangered by any majority decision; no man or group holds a blank check on power over others.

We urge all Europeans to not vote in June, because their vote might be interpreted as a legitimacy of the illegitimate European Parliament. Venitis considers the European Union null and void confederation, because Europeans did not vote for any constitutional treaty! Despite voters refusing to give Brussels any more power, the unelected Eurokleptocrats are trying to pull off the biggest powergrab in history by imposing a camouflaged constitution, bypassing all nonos. We demand every EU Member State to hold a referendum on any EU constitutional treaty.

European Union(EU), aka Eldorado of Underworld, a vampire confederation of the absurd, condones the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, Pasok and Nea Democratia, the two most corrupt political parties on Earth, and Costas Caramanlis, the most corrupt primeminister on Earth and neplusultra of mumbojumbo! No Graecokleptocrat has ever gone to jail! Impunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most freakish justice in the world!

Election rallies remind you of sheep on slaughter! Caramanlis addressed an open rally of Nea Democratia in Larisa on Saturday night. Barbarian Caramanlis ridiculled the Pasok slogan socialism or barbarity and claimed that people are being deceived when promised by barbarian socialist leader Papandreou that the Stability Agreement will change. In reality, both Pasokleptocrats ans Neodemokleptocrats are barbarians! The outrageous total immunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most disgusting thing on Earth!

These untouchable shitscums of the Greek parliament and the Greek government rob billions of euros form the Treasury, churn billions of euros of the nest eggs and pension funds of poor workers, grant valuable public land to gay monasteries in exchange for huge kickbacks, receive billion-euro-kickbacks for purchasing arms from US and Russia, and receive billion-euro-kickbacks from Siemens, JPMorgan, Man, and other corrupt companies in exchange for lucrative contracts, elimination of antitrust penalties, and purchasing overpriced defective equipmemt, airplanes that cannot balance, and helicopters that fall down!

The corrupt premier made an extensive reference on the pseudosupport of farmers, on the public works in Thessaly which are under construction and attacked Pasok underlying that the opposition party attempts to turn the country into an arena. Costas Caramanlis, born in 1956, became primeminister of Greece on March 10, 2004, under the banner of transparency. He is the leader of the right-centrist party Nea Democratia, the most corrupt political party on Earth, which his corrupt uncle Constantine Caramanlis founded.

Greeks voted for Costas Caramanlis, because he promised to end Graecokleptocracy. Instead, he expanded Graecokleptocracy tremendously, becoming the most corrupt primeminister on Earth! Archikleptocrat Caramanlis belongs to Hague, for crimes against Greek humanity! But most probably there will be a coup d’etat, which will surely hang Caramanlis or shoot him at dawn! That’s why Caramanlis has his suitcases ready to escape to America, in a similar fashion to his uncle who escaped to Paris in order to avoid hanging!

”From Larisa we send today a message of dynamic massive participation to our mutual fights. From the heart of Thessaly plain we send a message to the whole agricultural world, a message of positive choice. We answer “yes” to our mutual future Europe. We answer “yes” to Greece that is moving ahead with responsibility steadily and with determination. We answer “yes” to the road of self confidence, optimism and safety”, Karamanlis said.

Venitis notes the relationship of the Eldorado of Underworld(EU) to its Member States can be fairly described as synergy in kleptocracy! When Greece joined EU in 1981, Greeks hoped EU could control Graecokleptocracy. Instead, to their horror and great disappointment, they saw EU encouraging Graecokleptocracy and imposing the hateful VAT on poor Greeks. Graecokleptocracy fully resonates with Eurokleptocracy! All Eurokleptocrats now emulate Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth!

Vatmonger Emperor Barroso of the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, is in cahoots with Costas Caramanlis, the most corrupt primeminister on Earth, to completely enslave Greeks to Brussels, and yoke poor Greeks with VAT. EU, a Theater of the Absurd, brought no catharsis, but a new layer of vatpachyderm kleptocracy, climaxed with the JPMorgan scandal and the Siemens scandal! The new EU treaty under consideration is just an ergonomy of Eurokleptocracy!

On Papandreou’s slogan of socialism or barbarity, barbarian Caramanlis said that Papandreou can not brand the majority of Greek citizens’ barbarians and accused him of consciously misinforming people and denying reality. According to Caramanlis the real dilemma is the choice to contribute and be devoted to national interest rather than the party’s interest. On reference to the financial crisis the corrupt premier said that the government’s target is to turn the international challenge into a national opportunity.

Caramanlis repeated his government’s commitment for the strategic development of Regional Greece and branded Thessaly an endless project worksite. He underlined that Nea Democratia will provide 80% of National Strategic Framework sources to regional Greece. In addition, he repeated that for the following five years the Agricultural Development plan will provide farmers with funds that amount to seven billion euros. What is more, he said, farmers are now being financially boosted with eighteen billion euros coming from direct community support.

Caramanlis referred on the government’s reforms that target at reducing state expenses and will set to put a barrier to losses while they will lead to the purification of the wider state sector. Our target is clear he stressed and concluded: Greece must come out from the crisis with the least possible consequences. Greeks must step to a better tomorrow with confidence. We must be the winners of the global crisis. Together we must give the fight. Together we will pull through. And I assure you that we can pull through this time also, he pointed out. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

After the completion of his speech, Caramanlis asked Public Works Minister George Souflias to come up to the podium and together they waved at the crazy crowd that responded enthusiastically to his bullshit. Minister of agricultural development S. Hatzidakis, Nea Democratia secretary general L. Zagoritis as well ministers and members of the most corrupt party on Earth attended the Premier’s hoodwinking speech.

Venitis claims that two major parties in every republic try to commoditize all voters, transforming them to vegetables in the center field! Rabblerousers gravitate to two dominant antivenitist parties running for the center, trying to offend as few people as possible. This produces an antivenitist groupthink where kleptocrats avoid the issues when they’re running for office. Most voters are disappointed in both major parties, sold to JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, OTE, gay monasteries, and other infamous organizations. Voters are hungry for a new approach, a new party, truly committed to substantive ideas, and not just to getting elected and focusing on their particular election cycles.

Lemmings are Arctic rodents of poor eyesight, which can drown en masse. Taxstrucks behave like lemmings when they masochistically vote for taxmonger kleptocrats who get billion-euro-kickbacks from JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, and other supercorrupt corporations. American lemmings are those who vote for Republicans or Democrats. British lemmings are those who vote for Laborkleptocrats or Tories. Greek lemmings are those who vote for Pasokleptocrats or Neodemokleptocrats. Eurolemmings are those who rely on the spinmill of Brussels bromides. Are you a lemming? Are you a victim of taxation and kleptocracy? It’s time for soulsearching and vision examination.

Taxstrucks who want the government out of their wallets, their bedrooms, their businesses, and their lives must vote for venitists. Only venitists try to minimize government and maximize individual liberty. Basil Venitis says it’s not a shame to lose an election, but it’s a shame to compromise your venitist values in order to win an election. Obsession with polls is a sign of a weak soul. Taxmonger kleptocrats are willing to say anything and promise everything in order to win an election. Of course, after the election most promises are conveniently forgotten. The two major parties need an awakening call from venitists.

Venitis declares that vatmonger kleptocrats promote phobias and bogeys in order to take the attention of voters away from taxation and kleptocracy, and to have a fantastic opportunity to present themselves as Moses who leads the people to salvation! Rabblerousers make a living out of convincing people that the sky is falling. The essence of statesmanship in a venitist society is just the opposite, helping people understand the facts and proposing real solutions to real problems. You have to know when to stop doing something. Hitler did not know. Mousolini did not know. Archikleptocrat Caramanlis did not know when to stop receiving billion-dollar-kickbacks. Vatmonger kleptocrats do not know when to stop looting the producers and fooling all taxstrucks. They do not understand that the parasites and the host die together. Avast scaremongers now!

There are no enemy countries, but only enemy governments. Most probably, your own government is your worst enemy! Your government robs you at gunpoint, mostly in the form of indirect taxes. Most governments are cocoons of kleptocrats! All humans are a single race, Homo Sapiens, with exactly the same genes. There were also other human races, but they disappeared 30,000 years ago. Kleptocrats try to separate humanity into countries and nations, in order to loot their territories in a systematic way! But I’ve got you, and you’ve got me. We are all brothers and sisters, and we all have to fight vatmonger kleptocrats together. I came to this world to sing my song, and you came to this world to sing your song. We should not let taxmonger kleptocrats stop us.

All democracies eventually become kleptocracies, where those taxmonger kleptocrats in power redistribute societal wealth to themselves. Those at the bottom of the society’s pyramid accept this unfair state of affairs because they too benefit from their society’s relative advancement. It’s a case of a rising tide lifting all boats. Taxmonger kleptocrats maintain power by disarming hoi polloi, making the taxstruck masses happy by distributing some crumbs, sinecures, and graft, maintaining a huge flow of kickbacks from JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, and other infamous corporations, and constructing an antivenitist ideology justifying overtaxation and kleptocracy.

Corpfare is corporate welfare, such as subsidies, bailouts, and monopolies, granted by government to davajides, pimps of kleptocrats. Corpfare destroys the level playing field that free markets depend on, creates a corrupt relationship between government authority and special interests, transforms corps to corpses, and is unconstitutional. Even loans by government-sponsored entities constitute another form of subsidy. Zombiecorps, zombie corporations, badly in need of structural reform, but kept alive by state subsidies, badly hamper growth. Basil Venitis figures that at least four trillion euros is wasted on corpfare worldwide every year. This year, Venitis projects a waste of ten trillion euros in bailouts!

Lenders should recognize that there are repercussions for risky loans, and borrowers should realize that there are consequences for taking loans they can’t repay. If it’s financial collapse, or having your house foreclosed, so be it. It’s bad antivenitist economics to remove the incentives, which encourage sensible and responsible decisions. We need to reject corporate cronyism, and allow the natural regulations and incentives of venitism to pick the winners and losers in our economy, not the whims of antivenitist kleptocrats.

The less a government does, the fewer reasons there are for antivenitist individuals and organizations to petition their government for special favors. When government is small, kleptocrats don’t hold the fate of entire industries in their well-greased palms. Federal bureaucrats don’t wield unbridled regulatory power to break top executives. Big decisions are made by private actors in private settings, and obey the Venitis Laws. Gigagovernments are intrusive. The endless array of subsidies it dispenses and the regulatory schemes it fosters give birth to rent seeking. Rent seekers form antivenitist associations to protect their interests. They create antivenitist committees and hire pullpeddlers. They write checks to the powerful committee chairmen.

Taxmonger kleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, extend generosity and largesse to corrupt corporations, such as JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, and gun dealers, gay monasteries, such as those of Mount Athos, and terrorist countries, such as Turkey which terrorizes EU islands every single day! But the present kleptocracy is hardly an aberration. Nor is it confined to a single administration or political party. The institutionalization of handouts and corporate welfare usually occurs behind the guise of job creation, earmarks, cutting red tape, and other fig leaves.

JPMorgan and Siemens are the most infamous trademarks of Eurokleptocracy, helping Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptocrats with billion-euro-kickbacks. JPMorgan engineered the grand churning of Greek pension funds, but labor union leaders keep their mouths shut, in exchange for seats in the parliament! Siemens has deposited two billion euros in the secret offshore accounts of Graecokleptocrats, in exchange for lucrative contracts. No huge kickbacks means no lucrative contracts, pure and simple!

The first known democracy was established by Phoenicians in Arados, now known as Arwad, the only island of Syria, in the early second millennium BC. Democracy is very expensive, very inefficient, and extremely corruptive. Kleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, buy votes with pork, boondoggles, sinecures, and favors, raid nest eggs, churn pension funds and the Social Security, rob the treasury, and get huge kickbacks from JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, gun dealers, construction companies, and gay monasteries. It’s high time to end this freakish cycle which spirals out of control to complete destruction, and replace democracy with venitism.

The most efficient political system is venitism, where everything is private, there are no taxes at all, there is no parliament, and a powerless infinitesimal government is chosen and supported not by hoi polloi, but by the most generous benefactors.
Voting for the EP is an act of evil, as it legitimizes the propaganda that the EU is a democratic institution, a notion which could not be farther from the truth.