Thursday, March 5, 2009

The deliberate crisis

It's getting clearer by the day that the financial crisis was created deliberately in order for governments to strengthen their power, so they can implement even more socialist/communist laws. Nationalisation of banks and other industry is almost normal these days, and that should tell anybody something. A simple tell-tale that it's deliberate is the fact that the Dutch government will NOT cut its own spending, its leftist hobbies, a single Euro.

On subsidies, foreign 'aid' and other matters they could cut their spending by some 80 billion here, but instead they only talk how it's going to hurt for every Dutchmen, for we have a real crisis, and oh, by the way, Bilderbert (Bilderberg Bert) Koenders is prepared to spend an extra 25 million on Hamas...

Eight months ago our finance minister (Bos, labour) assured us there would be no crisis, that it was an American thing and Europe was sound. Then we 'might feel some impact' and now we have a 'very serious' crisis. Well, we shouldn't be surprised; the only thing labour's really good at is lying through their teeth.

And it's all the shareholders' fault now. Not a word about the expensive, government run financial markets watchdogs that never raised an alarm, not a word about ex-politicians being high up and well paid in the banking business that never uttered a sound, not a word about the fact that this whole crisis was government engineered in the first place.

You'd think they'd stop, or at least park, their plans for mileage taxing, that will cost billions. But no, that's 'good for the economy' and more importantly, it'll enable them to tell for each car-driving citizen where he was and when he was there.

Well, government spending has never ever helped the economy yet, as governments have no money. They cannot create wealth, they can only confiscate it, as Reagan accurately pointed out. And I could well do without the infringement on my privacy.

And finally there's climatism. Even while the Al Gore sponsored agendas of GIS and the IPCC are increasingly exposed, and global cooling is underway (perfectly normal climate fluctuations), governements keep pushing for climate control measures, that cost billions and will bring nothing, at best, and a flood of unanticipated bad consequences at worst.

Goal is global poverty and wealth and power for a small self-appointed 'elite'. It will be the end of civilization, the beginning of utter chaos. This is the agenda of the Franfurt School, whose teachings have produced Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness and Critical Theory.

Obama is killing America, but I fear Berg's proceedings will go nowhere. The current line followed by the 'judges' is telling: nobody will force Obama to prove what he cannot. Alan Keyes recently made some very accurate statements. The video is below, in my previous post. The only possible saviour there is the American people rising up against their 'government', as intended by the second amendment. Short of that, the states' waking up to their constitutional sovereignty may help stopping the Soros circus. It's unbelievable that the elections wound up to be between the possibly worst candidates available, and that the worst candidate won, even though his constitutional qualifications were already challenged but not investigated.

In The Netherlands, Balkenende came into power in 2002 after a Coup d' √Čtat, by the killing of Pim Fortuyn, who was going to end Political Correctness. Now Geert Wilders must be proscecuted because he's making too many waves; another Coup inside 7 years. Having Geert killed would be just that bit too obvious, so they need to find another way. Britain has already refused him entry to the country, on false grounds. Unfortunately for the socialists, he polls as the number one party now. But as Stalin already said: it's not who votes that counts; it's who counts the votes. So now they need any excuse to establish their power and, who knows, even decree the state of emergency, suspending all democratic processes, 'for the general good'. Well, Ayn Rand wrote about that 'general good'. We all know where it leads.

Oh yes, it's deliberate all right.


R. Hartman said...

This article was based on a response I posted to the very interesting article on FactsNotFantasy.
Hat tip: Gramfan, a poster on Foehammer's Anvil.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

This is an excellen post. I'm very interested in the current situation inside the Netherlands.

In your opinion, what are chances of Geert Wilders actually being convicted and jailed?

If he is convicted but not jailed, will he still be able to lead the PVV and sit in parliament, or would the conviction disqualify him?

R. Hartman said...

"would the conviction disqualify him?"
Not sure, but I'd expect that a conviction would disqualify him. That might wll be the very goal of the 'court', as it would put him out of the gane as effectively as having him killed. With the benefit that he would not become a martyr.

Not sure about what would happen if he'd be convicted either, as in public response. But the Dutch are lame sheep; just now the (communist, in her previous postion as mayor caught for DUI) inner minister blocked the appointment of a new chief of police, for no other reason than that she does not want "yet another white male" in that position, and that after 1,5 years of vacancy for lack of qualified candidates. Outrage in the papers and blogs, but life continues as per normal.

I'm sure things would've been quite a bit different if we'd had a 2nd amendment...