Thursday, February 12, 2009

Geert Wilders banned from the UK

Today the unthinkable has happened: a Dutch MP, invited to the UK by a member of the House of Lords, has been denied entrance to to the UK when following up on that invitation. All because Gordon Brown's dhimmy government is afraid of threats uttered by Lord Ahmed (instated by that other dhimmy of sorts, Tony Blair), that he would organise riots by 10.000 muslims should Wilders be allowed to show his film Fitna. The BBC reports that "Wilders wanted to show" his film, while the truth is that Wilders had been invited to show his film by the UK Independence Party. Subtle difference, is it not, Mr. Goebbels?

Think about it: a western MP, denied the right to visit a peer EU country by that country's government, only because of islamic threats. Although there have been numerous indications of the abject manner in which Brown cowardly bends towards islamic demands, there has never before been a clearer statement that the UK has surrendered to the status of a Saudi colony: submission, the prime incentive of Islam, and also the title of the film Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh made with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

We all know how that ended: Theo was killed and Ayaan was expelled from The Netherlands. She is still fighting the Dutch government over promises related who'd be paying for her protection.

UKIP peer Lord Pearson of Rannoch made a very true but sad statement:
"Indeed, any alleged threats associated with Lord Ahmed of attempts to prevent the showing of the film would themselves be a confirmation of the film's message and the need for it to be shown. The subsequent action by the Home Office to try to deter Mr Wilders from coming to the UK has, we believe, been rightly condemned by the Dutch Foreign Minister, and is a further example of the appeasement policies of the British government in giving in to the threats of militant Islam."
He and cross-bencher Baroness Cox also issued a press statement, asking this rhetorical question:
"Would this have happened if Mr Wilders had said 'Ban the Bible'?"
Of course not! All this was yesterday, when Brown's government had warned they would not allow Wilders into the country. Nevertheless, Wilders went ("I already have that ticket, so I might as well go") and was indeed denied entrance.

Given the very weak response of the Dutch government (which issued a "serious complaint") it does not really seem to care too much, most of its members despise Mr. Wilders anyway. I would think this matter requires a slightly stiffer response than just saying "Phew".

After the death of Free Speech in The Netherlands this is a new serious blow for western freedom and values in general and European lifestyle specifically.

See this link (pdf alert) for the letter Geert received on expressing his intention to accept the UKIP invitation (hat tip: Het Vrije Volk).


Patricia said...

Thank you for the intersting article. It's so sad seeing England die. What the Nazi's couldn't do under the great leadership of Churchill, the islamist's are easily doing. I feel for the people who don't deserve this from their cowardly, traitorus government. In the USA we have a POTUS who is friends with terrorists and now admits his muslim roots. A few months ago if someone had suggested that he had muslim roots they were labeled all sorts of names, none of them pretty. I am sure you are aware gun and amunition sales are way up here. Most of us will put up a serious fight if any more of our rights are taken away. I know I will.

R. Hartman said...

Thanks for posting. More and more signs that it really is the teachings of the Franfort School are showing; on Friday we were issued some more Critical Theory by out PM and Foreign Minister:

"Of all people, Wilders should bear an understanding of the UK's refusal to allow him into the country. After all, he has been making strong points in the past about not admitting people who are a threat to national safety."

You couldn't make it up! Like it's Wilders who threatened to summon those muslims, like it's him herding that 5th colonne. But there you have it: Dutch 'government'. I really hope to see them tried for high treason, once, but will not hold my breath.

Patricia said...

How tragic for your country having lawmakers like that! I am praying for you all. I am afraid of what's happening here in our country. Potus is sneaking in new laws in this so called stimulas package. He's allowed traitors such as Pelosi and Reid to write it and it's been crammed down our throats. We're becomming worse the the EU faster than could ever have been imagined possible. I don't know what's in store for us but at least we have our 2nd Ammendment.
I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.