Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shame on the Netherlands

What kind of justice system is it, where the truth is inadmissable as evidence?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

More immigrants in Dutch government?

Yesterday our Interior Minister, Ter Horst, who got promoted to that position after as a mayor being fined for DUI and then pressuring the police commissioner to keep that a secret (and therefore nicknamed 'thirsty') , decreed that each department wil have to employ six immigrants a year in high positions, replacing native staff. Whether she specifically means muslims is not clear, but I do get the impression, as she defends the idea by stating that "otherwise 'the people' will no longer recognize their government".

Which is BS of course. 'The people' never ever get to see these civil servants anyway, and for 'the people' to recognize their government it would be much better if the political diversity of the civil servants would reflect that of the population. Especially since all the stifling rules are designed by these servants, that long ago forgot that they are supposed to be just that: servants.

Getting more immigrants into top positions will only move these departments even more to the left, as virtually all immigrants vote left, as that's where their wellfare is being guaranteed... A boozed up idea? Possibly, but more like just the sort of evil we have been getting used to expecting from these socialists. She was mayor of Nijmegen, a.k.a. Havanna aan de Waal because of its leftyness.

Her plea does unintentionally prove one thing, though: a government position is not about qualifications or ability. Knowing the right people is enough to ensure a well paid position where you can do a lot of damage out of sheer incompetence. You only have to be a woman, or an immigrant, or whatever species happens to be considered to be 'left behind' today and thus elegible for 'positive discrimination'. Abilities are totally unimportant, it's all being paid for by the taxpayer anyway. But it remains discrimination, effected by the one body that never ever should discriminate, if only because that body holds both the power and the violence monopoly. Americans have the Second Amendment for this, but other nations do not; certainly not European nations.

On a side note: Jill Biden said as much to the American people when she revealed that Joe was given the choice between VP and foreign minister. Two different jobs, requiring different qualifications. Does not matter at all. A loyal slave gets its reward.

It seems that The Netherlands' going downhill speeds up day by day, but maybe that's to be expected. As I put on top of this blog: the average lifetime of a democracy is around 200 years, so the Dutch one should be about to die...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Death of Freedom of Speech

Today is a black day for the Netherlands. A judge (?) ordered that Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) politician Geert Wilders must be prosecuted for his criticism of islam. Note that the ruling (again, like all other criticism of Wilders) mixes muslims and islam, where Wilders always has maintained a clear division between the two. A deliberate falsification. This marks the end of Free Speech in the Netherlands.

From the PVV website:

The Freedom Party (PVV) is shocked by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal’s decision to prosecute Geert Wilders for his statements and opinions. Geert Wilders considers this ruling an all-out assault on freedom of speech.

Geert Wilders: “Apparently this is The Netherlands today. If you speak out you might be prosecuted. To participate in public debate has become a dangerous activity.”

“If I have to appear in court, not only I will be prosecuted, but also hundreds of thousands of Dutch citizens who reject the Islamisation of the West. In Dutch Parliament only the Party for Freedom is willing to speak up for the preservation of our culture and our many freedoms.”

The Freedom Party leader now faces legal proceedings that will probably take years to conclude and will also involve enormous legal fees.

“We depend on small donations. The Freedom Party is the only party in Parliament that does not accept any government funding. This court decision jeopardizes the very existence of the Freedom Party. We simply cannot afford the enormous legal expenses.”

“This is a black day for freedom.”

Personally, I think it's not so much about whether Wilders can be convicted of hate speech; there are Dutch politicians, like Socialist Party's can't-keep-my-hands-to-myself-with-women Harry van Bommel, who openly called for an intifada by Hamas last week, which really is calling for violence, but these have nothing to fear, they do not even have to leave parliament.

The real goal here is to remove the only non-Cultural Marxist party from the political stage. As with Pim Fortuyn earlier, they are well aware that they cannot reach that objective democratically; too many people are getting fed up with the fascist bunch of islamists that's currently in power. They cannot repeat the trick they did on Fortuyn, so they had to think of something else. And they found it: bankruptcy.

Whether or not the state can win this case is irrelevant; the state finances itself with money extorted from its workers, called taxmoney. Wilders has to pay for his defences himself. The state has bottomless pockets, Wilders does not. Wilders party is the only party that does not accept state-subsidizing, but is financed by private gifts. Once Wilders is bankrupt, his party will be gone: objective achieved. Even if the state would lose, and have to pay damages to Wilders, he'd have to start from scratch again.

The man's already under permanent surveillance because of threats on his life, and now he's being financially challenged as well. And the state can repeat this trick as often as it likes: there's no hope of winning.

As Vlaams Belang's Filip Dewinter stated: "This is an attempted murder on the PVV."

It's just a different tactic to what was chosen for Pim Fortuyn.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A peaceful 2009?

There seems to be little chance of that. At least not according to Hamas member of Parliament Fatih Hammad on Al Aqsa TV, who more than clearly demonstrates why the Religion of Peace is in fact the Religion of Death. Food for thought, for all those who claim Israel to be the culprit in the current fights in Gaza.