Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Still think voting makes a Difference?

Or: How the Dems ensure their preferred candidate comes out on top.
The same party that brought us the much vaunted “Count Every Vote Act of 2005” has now corruptly settled upon the “Count Every Other Vote Act of 2008.”
State leaders in Florida and Michigan, understanding the interest of their citizens lay in overturning the current silly system, dared to move their election dates. So now their votes will not be counted equally. At first they were told none of their votes would count. Now the party has compromised and said that the delegates from these states will be seated at the convention, but they will each be given only one half of a vote. Think of it as “the two and a half fifths compromise” – a modern sore on the butt of what used to be democracy.
Read Mac Johnson's brilliant article Dr. Dean's Disaster on how voting is being manipulated on Human Events.

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