Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Ecologists' True Nature

This sticker shows the ecologists' true nature. Environmentalism isn't about nature, it's about destroying capitalism, the only true source of wealth and prosperity, and the number one reason why America is the leading nation of the (still somewhat) free West.

By showing their true agenda, the environmentalists show what they're made of: Franfort School. Marxists to the core. Funny how these people always prove to be the most hypocrite of all. Example: Al Gore. Possibly the most wasteful American citizen, definitely the most wasteful citizen globally who has the nerve to tell other people to change their lifestyle. In the mean time living a life so luxurious that most people connot even begin to imagine how that must be.

Oh, and being accomplice to the death of hundreds of thousands of people, if only by his support for Rachel Carson, who singlehandedly caused malaria to return by banning DDT, and whom Gore adored and commended by writing the prologue in her book. Say no more... For morality please do not look towards the liberals. Do not vote for the Dems. Then again, the GOP hasn't done much to correct these crimes either. These are dire times...

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GW said...

I linked to your graphic, mistakenly crediting Underhill who asked that I correct it on my site. I have done so at http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2008/06/interesting-posts-from-around-web-19.html

Great post, by the way - and a very good blog. I will be visiting again.