Monday, June 23, 2008

Dutch apologies for Fitna...

As you may or may not know, Jordan is preparing an international arrest warrant for Geert Wilders because of his movie Fitna. 'Wilders has offended all muslims worldwide and should not escape punishment', according to Amman. One wonders what's so offending in Fitna. After all, Wilders only put a number of public newsitems in sequence, accompanied by the applicable Koran verses. Most people in those (video) items (not the victims, obviously) seemed to enjoy themselves pretty well, so according to Amman it's insulting to videotape a party and then show the world the partygoers' beaviour. The impression this makes on me is that muslims seem to be offended by being confronted with their own atrocities. A bit rich to blame the messenger for that...

Now the islamic world has approached Dutch companies to inquire about their position on Fitna, and most companies have presented as their official position that they are not involved in religious activity, and therefore distance themselves from 'the controversial movie'. For Dutch Airline KLM this proved not to be sufficient, as the company is now listed on the latest boycott-poster from The Messenger of Allah Unites Us.

So two Dutch companies, Zwanenberg and Friesland Foods, decided to take it one step further an sided with islam, in a futile (and can I say: typical Dutch) attempt to avoid being boycotted by Jordan, selling out to their oppressors-to-be, like true Judases; the well-known attitude so generously shown in (the run-down to) WorldWar II. They placed page-sized ads in Jordan newspapers, apologizing for and condemning Fitna and praising the islamic initiative to get islam-criticism criminalized everywhere. Willingly giving up our Western values of free speech and freedom, bowing before the tyrants, for a few pieces of silver. On their own websites, no indications of this abject activity is to be found, as they are probably afraid of losing their native customers. Cowards.

Well, wouldn't that be a good idea? Having these dhimmy companies' products boycotted by all the world except Jordan? For the list of brands to boycott, please visit here, oops, I mean here, and here.
If you'd like to complain by email, you can do that here and here.

Klein verzet also reports on the subject.

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