Monday, June 23, 2008

Dutch apologies for Fitna...

As you may or may not know, Jordan is preparing an international arrest warrant for Geert Wilders because of his movie Fitna. 'Wilders has offended all muslims worldwide and should not escape punishment', according to Amman. One wonders what's so offending in Fitna. After all, Wilders only put a number of public newsitems in sequence, accompanied by the applicable Koran verses. Most people in those (video) items (not the victims, obviously) seemed to enjoy themselves pretty well, so according to Amman it's insulting to videotape a party and then show the world the partygoers' beaviour. The impression this makes on me is that muslims seem to be offended by being confronted with their own atrocities. A bit rich to blame the messenger for that...

Now the islamic world has approached Dutch companies to inquire about their position on Fitna, and most companies have presented as their official position that they are not involved in religious activity, and therefore distance themselves from 'the controversial movie'. For Dutch Airline KLM this proved not to be sufficient, as the company is now listed on the latest boycott-poster from The Messenger of Allah Unites Us.

So two Dutch companies, Zwanenberg and Friesland Foods, decided to take it one step further an sided with islam, in a futile (and can I say: typical Dutch) attempt to avoid being boycotted by Jordan, selling out to their oppressors-to-be, like true Judases; the well-known attitude so generously shown in (the run-down to) WorldWar II. They placed page-sized ads in Jordan newspapers, apologizing for and condemning Fitna and praising the islamic initiative to get islam-criticism criminalized everywhere. Willingly giving up our Western values of free speech and freedom, bowing before the tyrants, for a few pieces of silver. On their own websites, no indications of this abject activity is to be found, as they are probably afraid of losing their native customers. Cowards.

Well, wouldn't that be a good idea? Having these dhimmy companies' products boycotted by all the world except Jordan? For the list of brands to boycott, please visit here, oops, I mean here, and here.
If you'd like to complain by email, you can do that here and here.

Klein verzet also reports on the subject.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dutch webmaster 'summoned' bij Amsterdam police

On feb 1, 2008, I wrote an article here on how Dutch political party PvdA tried to silence Dutch weblog Hoeiboei. Today, Hoeiboei's webmaster was summoned (Dutch) to report to Police station Surinameplein 118, on Friday June 20 (tomorrow) at 18:00 hours, to be heard about certain texts on the internet.

Pretty short notice, and pretty vague. With the Gestapo-style arrest of Gregorius Nekschot still fresh in memory, this is the next step in Dutch oppression of freedom and free speech. On the very day that Dutch parliament debates the actions in the Nekschot affair, another Dutch freedom site is being intimidated.

Hoeiboei's webmaster is contemplating to ignore the 'request', but the wisdom of such an action is debatable: when will they come to pick her up, like Nekschot? Will her not-showing be used as an excuse for more strong-armed action? She has tried to obtain more info on the backgroud of the summons, but the police refuses to provide any further details. She will be informed as and when she will arrive at the indicated time, no earlier. Is it unthinkable that the same PvdA faction, led by Arco Verburg, is behind this new attack on Hoeiboei?

Think about that 'indicated time'. Friday evening, 18:00 hours, and only a day's notice. Friday evening, 18:00 hours, when every 'normal' citizen has dinner and starts his/her weekend. Could this be a lure to keep her in custody as 'nobody can be reached during the weekend'?

The refusal to provide any background information, neither in the summons nor in the phonecalls and visit she made to the police station, are normally ground enough to completely ignore the summons. But given the way the Dutch, and particularly Amsterdam police are more and more operating in Nazi-style (an old habit from WWII, when they were very helpful in tracking down Jews and delivering them to the occupying forces), this may well upset a judge who may later need to issue a ruling in the matter.

And from a personal point of view: is it worth lying awake at night, worrying about things to come? The best approach seems to be, given the short notice and all, to decline the invitation refering to other obligations, and setting a new date and time, preferably not on a Friday, and certainly not at a time that one will likely need to bring clean underwear and a toothbrush...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Ecologists' True Nature

This sticker shows the ecologists' true nature. Environmentalism isn't about nature, it's about destroying capitalism, the only true source of wealth and prosperity, and the number one reason why America is the leading nation of the (still somewhat) free West.

By showing their true agenda, the environmentalists show what they're made of: Franfort School. Marxists to the core. Funny how these people always prove to be the most hypocrite of all. Example: Al Gore. Possibly the most wasteful American citizen, definitely the most wasteful citizen globally who has the nerve to tell other people to change their lifestyle. In the mean time living a life so luxurious that most people connot even begin to imagine how that must be.

Oh, and being accomplice to the death of hundreds of thousands of people, if only by his support for Rachel Carson, who singlehandedly caused malaria to return by banning DDT, and whom Gore adored and commended by writing the prologue in her book. Say no more... For morality please do not look towards the liberals. Do not vote for the Dems. Then again, the GOP hasn't done much to correct these crimes either. These are dire times...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes! The Irish said NO!

The Irish have voted NO to the Lisbon Treaty, aka the Lisbon Treason. The pro-EU camp is devastated, certain as they were that their Goebbels-like propaganda would have ensured a yes majority. Dutch television reported disappointedly that 'this is a black day for Europe. The treaty that intended to make the EU more democratic has been rejected by the Irish'.

How's that: more democratic? The treaty was aimed at shifting more power from the nation states to the unelected leaders of Eurabia. The EU was already preparing the abolishion of the WOB, the law that forces politicians to provide insight in their governemental procedures and decisions, whenever requested.

Balkenende, the Dutch PM that boasted that he had made the Treaty acceptable to the Dutch by removing the flag and the song, and ensuring there would be no EU President, already announced that he will ignore the Irish NO and go ahead as planned. Interestingly, Dutch television also reported that preparations for selecting (mind you, not electing) the EU president (say what?) would now be delayed. It also claimed that the EU should not be stopped by only one country being against it.

What happened to the demand of unanimous consent? How is only one country against it? To begin with, there are three countries against it (FR, NL and IE, in that order) and most of the others never got the chance to speak out.

The Irish were the only ones that were granted a referendum. It was mandatory because of the Irish constitution, and it's binding: Irish government can't just ignore it. As the Treaty is almost identical to the earlier Constitution, voted off by the French and the Dutch, there are now three countries not accepting the Treaty, but the French and Dutch governments chose to ignore their citizens in favor of their own political careers.

Balkenende hopes to become the first EU president, but Blair has also put his sights on that position, as has Sarkozy. Balkenende stands a fair chance though, as he is weak and has no will or power of his own. He is the ideal puppet for the big players, as he provides them with the ideal scapegoat for their totalitarian intentions.

The Irish Connemara turned out a 85% NO vote, reason enough for me to go out and buy a bottle of Connemara Irish Peated Single Malt, as a token of my appreciation, and have something to celebrate the Irish NO with at the same time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Still think voting makes a Difference?

Or: How the Dems ensure their preferred candidate comes out on top.
The same party that brought us the much vaunted “Count Every Vote Act of 2005” has now corruptly settled upon the “Count Every Other Vote Act of 2008.”
State leaders in Florida and Michigan, understanding the interest of their citizens lay in overturning the current silly system, dared to move their election dates. So now their votes will not be counted equally. At first they were told none of their votes would count. Now the party has compromised and said that the delegates from these states will be seated at the convention, but they will each be given only one half of a vote. Think of it as “the two and a half fifths compromise” – a modern sore on the butt of what used to be democracy.
Read Mac Johnson's brilliant article Dr. Dean's Disaster on how voting is being manipulated on Human Events.

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