Friday, May 2, 2008

The Philosophy of Liberty

Today, a response to an article on Dutch blog alerted me to the fact that many readers concentrate on the blog's articles only, and pay little attention to the items in the side bars. For this reason I'd like to draw your attention to one specific side bar item on this blog: the animation about the Philosophy of Liberty. It takes less then 5 minutes to watch, and it explains in abundant clarity what Liberty is all about, and how your rights are based on rightfully earned property.

If you're in a quiet environment please mute your audio before clicking the link, if you're not, consider leaving the audio on. Some people have stated that the background music amplifies the message, either because it helped them concentrate or otherwise.

Please enjoy The Philosophy of Liberty (opens in a new tab/window).


Pablo-Eagle said...

If your English is ok, then there is a much better one on:
It is located half way down the middle, in the centre, and is called: (A REPUBLIC, If We Can Keep It).

Pablo-Eagle said...
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R. Hartman said...

Thanks for the link. However, it's a 73 minute (!) video. Quite something different from the few minutes for my message.

No time now (celebrating the Irish NO) but I'll find the time to watch it.