Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dutch Blogger arrested

Dutch blogger Gregorius Nekschot was arrested earlier this week for publishing 'offending' cartoons that are deemed to be blemishing islam. A force of no less than 10 police officers arrested him and cleaned out his house earlier this week. He was kept in jail for 1,5 days. Note that this was an action by a 'double hatted' proscecutor, who is both head of a so called anti-discrimination unit, run by the state, and which is focused on discriminating against indigenous Dutch citizens while 'protecting' imported foreigners of mostly muslim descent, as well as a state proscecutor. His name is Paul Velleman, and most likely he has a great career ahead of him with Balkenende's gang.

Note that no judge has ordered the arrest of Gregorius Nekschot. It was an illegal action by the Dutch so called justice department, against a citizen that has done nothing except criticizing islam and Dutch governement, as well as a number of politically correct dhimmies. Apparently his sharp pencil is deemed to have killed and maimed several people.

It becoming clearer everyday that freedom of speech and liberty in general is getting limited by the day, analogous to the situation in the 1930's. Velleman now has qualified as a true Neo-NSB member and found worthy of Balkenende's gang. The inquisition is back. The iNazi's (international socialists) are on track. As yet it is unclear whether Nekschot will be proscecuted (for what?).

The most likely goal of his arrest is to reveal his true identity to those who'd like to put a fatwa out and to intimidate other Dutch bloggers. We cannot give in to that. Dutch police is helping the thought police, like they once helped the Nazi's to get rid of the jews. It makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me ashamed to be Dutch, if that what being Dutch means these days.

This blog shows its solidarity with Gregorius!

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