Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CapMag.com interviews Craig Biddle

Capitalism Magazine recently published an excellent interview with Craig Biddle, the driving force behind The Objective Standard.
"Genuine capitalism—which is not what we have in America today—is the social system of individual rights, in which the government does one thing: protects everyone's right to act on his own judgment, so long as he doesn't violate the same right of others. Under capitalism, everyone is free to keep, use, and dispose of the product of his efforts—free to achieve whatever kind and degree of prosperity he is willing and able to achieve—free to live his life as he sees fit. Under capitalism, there is no forced altruism—no stealing from Peter to pay Paul, no tying Peter's hands so he won't outperform Paul, no forbidding Peter and Paul to engage in consensual adult sex, no forbidding Mary to have an abortion, and no sacrificing soldiers to spread democracy to savages who want theocracy."

A must-read for supporters of individual freedom.

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