Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna released + update

Tonight, at 19:00 Dutch time, Fitna was released on the internet. The movie by Dutch MP Geert Wilders shows Islam in its true form. There's nothing insulting about the movie, unless the muslims are insulted by their own actions, which, after all, would be in line with all their outrage so far.

The Dutch version can be found here, while the English version is here. It remains to be seen how long the film will stay online. For now, one can only say "Go LiveLeak" as that's the only site so far that had the guts to host it.

Here's the English version:

Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende has mobilized almost all the world, especially the human rights respecting muslim world (not), to ask for forgiveness for a movie he had never seen; and would they please not react violently. This is called a modern European leader. Free thinking, non-indoctrinated Dutchmen would call him today's incarnation of Anton Mussert, who was shot after WorldWar II for collaboration with the Nazis. Who had excellent ties to the muslim world, by the way.

Human rights champion Syria was allowed to issue an official warning on the movie in the European Parliament, of all places, that Wilders would be responsible for all muslim violence resulting from this movie. Yeah, like I'm responsible for being hit by a DUI driver just because I happened to be on the road.

It'll be interesting to see what will come of this. But one thing's for certain: it'll be very hard for this movie to create as much turmoil as its announcement has done over the past few months.

Initial response from Dutch muslim organisations is one of relief: there's no ground for concern. The movie is deemed to be non-insulting and non-provoking. This can only be seen as an acknowledgement of its thruthfulness, which in itself raises some severe questions about why the western world keeps promoting islam and appeasing (and funding) fundamentalist muslims.

March 28th: Well, that was quick! LiveLeak was forced to take Fitna offline to ensure the safety of their staff. Makes you wonder who orchestrated that threat. Never mind, Fitna is now in the Torrent realm and can be obtained by anyone who wants to download it. Here's how:
  1. Download uTorrent from here, and VLC from here.
  2. Go to . You'll find a Dutch and an English version, with lots of seeders.
  3. Download the version of your choice with uTorrent and play it with VLC.
uTorrent requires no installation (standalone Windows .exe), VLC does. Make sure to unselect all associations when installing VLC or it will hijack all your multimedia extensions, making it the default player for everything (if you forget, you can undo this later as well).

March 31st: Go Liveleak, once again. The courageous people of LiveLeak put Fitna back online.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obama and Rev. Wright

Barack Obama is probably a more dangerous candidate for the American presidency than Hillary Clinton, the lying former First Lady who will also mean little good for freedom loving American citizens (not that the republican(?) alternative, McCain, is much of an improvement). View this video (from here):

and read this article by Thomas Sowell on Capitalism Magazine:

"[Obama's] voting record in the U.S. Senate is the furthest left of any Senator. There is a remarkable consistency in what Barack Obama has done over the years, despite inconsistencies in what he says.

The irony is that Obama's sudden rise politically to the level of being the leading contender for his party's presidential nomination has required him to project an entirely different persona, that of a post-racial leader who can heal divisiveness and bring us all together. The ease with which he has accomplished this chameleon-like change, and entranced both white and black Democrats, is a tribute to the man's talent and a warning about his reliability."

And while you're at, check out this article by Walter Williams as well: Obama's Speech Ignores The Fundamental Issue:

"Some pundits ask whether America is ready for Obama. The much more important question is whether Obama is ready for America and even more important is whether black people can afford Obama."

Obama is an extreme left-winger, and we can well do without those if we want any chance at maintaining at least what little freedom we have left.