Friday, February 1, 2008

From the telex: PvdA wants to silence Dutch weblog

Dutch weblog HoeiBoei was summoned by its provider Ilse Media to remove the name of Enver HoxhaVarisli from an article and a comment both dated 2006(!). What on earth could've triggered that? Varisli was a member of "Meldpunt Moslimdiscriminatie" (Dutch Complaints Bureau on Discrimination of Muslims) then. The anonymous summon was entirely unbased, as merely Enver's full name had been mentioned in a critical news article.

Nevertheless, Ilse claimed that "a complaint had been received from city subdivision De Baarsjes" about the weblog. "Personal details of 'Enver Varisli' are being published in two places. Now that we have received an explicit complaint, it is a violation of privacy law. We therefore request to have the offending items removed within 24 hours, or else we will be forced to temporarily close down your blog." Signed: Weblog Support.

De Baarsjes is ruled by the PvdA, like the rest of Islamsterdam.

HoeiBoei responded that they checked the articles and found no violation of any law and no personal information had been published, so they requested a specification of what was deemed to be in violence of the law and a 24 hour delay. The response was as simple as arrogant:

"Our previous request was clear enough, and the grace period is long enough. Further delay is not possible and not subject to discussion. And contrary to your claim: personal details are being bublished. See definition: "any information regarding an identified or identifyable natural person". That would include his name, as "the best-known directly identifying information is the combination of first and last name"". Signed: Weblog Support

HoeiBoei has now arranged for a back-up weblog at (Dutch).

The thought police is definitely closing in on us.

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