Monday, January 7, 2008

British FoS Suppression

Today I discovered the shocking news about anti-Jihad blogger Lionheart. The UK has now succumbed to Islam to a level that Freedom of Speech no longer is recognised.

Lionheart, currently abroad, will be arrested on re-entry of his native country, on charges of
suspicion of Stirring up Racial Hatred by displaying written material contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.
Read his story on his blog, and the comments Pamela Geller wrote on her blog Atlas Shrugs.

When we tie in this story with the older charges brought against Mark Steyn, the sad conclusion has to be that Freedom of Speech is on the way out fast in the formerly free Western world, that is surrendering to the intolerance of and colonisation by Islam. While non-muslim people in Saudi-Arabia are not even allowed to use certain highways muslims in the West get all their demands fulfilled, including those that would not have a snowballs hope in hell in their native countries.

Words never killed people, and while the truth may sometimes hurt, it should be spoken and heard. Islam continually confirms what it is being accused of, by doing exactly those things they deny to be doing: "Islam's the religion of Peace, and anybody disputing that will be beheaded". And they're getting away with it as well, with all the anti-'hate-speech' commissions that don't even have half a brain but are there just to appease the destructive agenda of the Frankfort School and its Cultural Marxism.

Who will stop the Dhimmytude that has now firmly rooted in the West's suicidal elite's policies? When will the West say "No, I will NOT comply!", finally draw its line in the sand, and stand up to defend it?


Mark Bogaers said...

Great to have you back, René, and happy new year! Thanks for the comments. My trip to the U.S. was hardly a study trip, although rather educational... You're probably right with your analysis of the people I've met.

Just read some stuff related to the Lionheart case. It's an outright disgrace. I'll probably devote a few lines to this one on my own blog as well, so thanks for the tip!

Take care,

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