Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dutchmen Don't Exist

At long last it has finally become clear why the Dutch government keeps claiming there's nothing wrong with replacing the Dutch society of (rapidly shrinking) freedom wit the 'culture' of Islam: Dutchmen don't exist. It's official now, as imported queen-to-be and national cuddle-immigrant Máxima has proclaimed such in a personal speech.

She spoke at the presentation of a report by the WRR, the Wetenschappelijk Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (Scientific Council for Government Policy), that doesn't have not a single scientist among its members, but has no lack of dhimmies. "In a globalising world, possession of multiple passports is more and more a given. Not only for 'New Dutchmen', but also for emigrating Dutchmen".

This is a blatant lie. Fact is that Dutch law does not allow multiple passports. If I were to obtain US citizenship, my Dutch citizenship would be cancelled immediately. Nevertheless, we have Turkish and Moroccan secretaries of state, that reside under foreign as well as Dutch law. The Turkish secretary of state cannot acknowledge the Armenian genocide, as she's punishable by Turkish law, and as Turkish citizen could no longer travel to Turkey for the threat of being arrested.

Nevertheless, if an immigrant gets to stay here but refuses to give up his old passport "because his country does not allow it", he ceremonially receives a Dutch passport and is welcomed as a Dutchman. The logical thing would be to deny him Dutch nationality, but the political correct attitude is that the immigrant cannot help it. Well, that's the immigrant's problem, isn't it. Our earlier mentioned Turkish broad can give up her Turkish passport, but openly refuses to. Still, she got a Dutch passport as well as to be secretary of state. Her sister is also involved in immigration policy. Dangerous (to NL) positions for people with foreign loyalties.

If a Dutchmen offers criticism of Islam, and of the demands that Islamists and Muslims make (separate swimming hours, female gyneacologists, mosques-with-whining, no biology lessons on pigs, the list goes on and on) he's islamofobic, xenofobic, racist and what else. An ex-chief of police openly stated on television this week that Geert Wilders "should be 'done in', and all his voters should be deported if they can't cope with the reality of The Islamic Netherlands". Nobody raised a complaint about it, except of course the bloggers. Mr. Wilders has never made any statements that even come close to this, but he's the racist xenofobe.

But now we know why: we do not exist. So Islam is not replacing western values, as you cannot replace what does not exist. Miss Zorreguieta quickly mentioned that the Argentinian does not exist either. Well, she should know: many Argentinians vanished without a trace during the reign of the Junta her father was part of, and she never openly condemned that. So also there we now know why: Argentinians don't exist.

Máxima claims to have spent seven years in trying to find the Dutch nationality, aided by many lovely and wise specialists, but alas, she hasn't found it. This dumb broad, possibly the most expensive marry-in into the fake monarchy that claims power in the Netherlands, is supposed to be the next fake queen of a country that by extension of her own admission does not exist. On the fake part: the Oranjes lost their color and their royalness a long time ago. The bloodline has been severed twice, both times at a William III. So the Oranjes do not exist either.

Possibly the most stupid thing about this high-cuddle-immigrant's speech was the fact that she has now openly sided with the Cultural Marxists, while the Oranjes have always avoided making political statements in public. But then again, it does not matter. A would-be queen from a non-existing royal family makes statements on a non-existing racist, xenofobic people. Glad this is reality, it would be too far-fetched for fiction. Herbert Marcuse can be a proud man.


Mark said...

"This is a blatant lie. Fact is that Dutch law does not allow multiple passports. If I were to obtain US citizenship, my Dutch citizenship would be cancelled immediately."

This is not true, I think. I actually know someone who's currently going through the process of becoming an American, while retaining his Dutch passport.

Otherwise, no comments. Excellent article!

R. Hartman said...


No, it's true. It's official law. I happened to read it somewhere yesterday (including the article IIRC) but cannot find it anymore. I thought it was on Elsevier, but I'm not sure. The WRR report actually suggests to change the law to make multiple passports possible.

All those immigrants that are currently allowed to break that law are being 'gedoogd', as in turning a blind eye. So maybe they don't dare to be strict towards your friend as there are almost a million precedents...

Mark said...

This is interesting... I had no idea. Just afraid that all of them will choose for their Canadian, American or Australian passports? :-)

Thanks for your kind comments on my weblog, and "schrijf ze"!


Ferdy said...

Hartman is right, if you're a Turk coming to The Netherlands, you can keep you're Turkish passport. You’re even allowed to join the Turkish army even if you have become a Dutch policeman. But if you're Dutch and become for example an Australian, you directly loose you're Dutch passport and can never come back.

But that’s not all, the rules are even weirder than that. If you’re going to work in a foreign country, even for a Dutch company but keep holding on to you’re Dutch passport. You are not allowed to come back to The Netherlands if you kept that job for more than 5 years. That’s why most Dutch employers do not allow their personnel to work more than 5 years overseas.

What a joke, in The Netherlands you’re a bump if you’re Dutch. Whooehahah, what a looser are we.

R. Hartman said...


Interesting remark. Do you have a link that supports it? I think your passport cannot be taken away when you have not adopted a foreign nationality, as that would render you stateless. And as long as you have a Dutch passport, you are always free to enter the country. Obviously, you'll need to timely renew the passport at your local Dutch consulate...

Michael said...

People do some research for the love of god, don't rely on random peoples comments for a country as small as The Netherlands. Yes there ARE specific circumstances that allow dual citizenship... there are 3 specific ones, and I personally qualify under that. So please people, do research. Don't say ANYTHING about Dutch people until you have done RESEARCH. We are constantly being bashed and misrepresented by the media.

Michael said...

And one more thing, you people are truly pathetic for bashing a country and getting the facts all wrong. It doesn't get more low than that. Every country has it's issues, and with internet progressing society the way it is, things slowly change. Live your life and stop worrying about Dutch peoples, and damn right, they are F***** happy people over there.