Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Coup d'Etat #2

This week, Dutch Prime Minister JP Balkenende announced his intention to perform the left's second coup inside 5,5 years. Just under 5,5 years ago, on May 6th, 2002, established election-winner Pim Fortuyn was killed by an extreme-left killer. The next coup was planned to happen shortly. Of course, only the bloggers complain, the MSM sides with the coalition, and even parliament takes no corrective action, although it claims to be 'outraged'.

The issue at hand is of course the EU constitution. In 2005, Balkenende signed the constitution, without awaiting the result of a referendum that was to be held on the subject. A campaign was launched to influence Dutch opinion favorably, (with a "No", I look like a fool", JPB said) and sure enough, Balkenende was made to look like the fool he was. As the French also said "No", other referenda were cancelled, as unanimity was no longer possible.

Now the EU constitution has been renamed, but according to JPB, it's no longer a constitution, so a new referendum is not required. Well, he's correct on the latter; it's the same thing under another name, and we already said "No" to it. But that's not JPB's reasoning. Not only the treaty has another name, but the Foreign Minister for the EU also has, and of course JPB managed to get the song and flag out of it. Big deal. But To JPB, this makes all the required changes so it can now be forced down our throat.

The PvdA (yes, them again) have always claimed to want a new referendum if the old one was deemed no longer valid, it was part of their 2006 election programme, it has been repeated over the past year and even their newly elected chairwoman has stated as recent as last Monday evening that the was in favor of a referendum. By that time, JPB had already blatantly stated that if legislation was drafted that demanded a referendum, he would overrule parliament and not sign the legislation, thus blocking the referendum. This is unconstitutional, and never heard of before. The US president can veto legislation, but the Dutch MP cannot. This is a coup.

In the mean time, the Dutch State Council already had advised that a referendum was unnecessary, as there were "no constitutional elements" present in the 'new' treaty. Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, however, had already warned the European public they were being betrayed: the 'new' treaty was just a renamed, reworded version of the same thing. He should know, as he wrote the first one. He was still in favor of it, and warned to European 'leaders' not to hold referenda, but he did not approve of the claims that it was an entirely different treaty.

Now PvdA has agreed not to hold a referendum, in exchange for keeping the current tight rules on firing people in business. Whatever the relation is between handing over one's sovereignty to Eurabia and the hiring and firing of people by local businesses is beyond me, but both steps are bad for the Netherlands. It has to be made easier to hire & fire staff, or else unemployment will stay unnecessarily high. But no, in exchange for Eurabia, we keep to be stuck with rigid and very costly firing rules. The PvdA obviously avoided the coup as well, as now no legislation will be drafted.

Rumour has it that JPB has threatened the PvdA with handing in his resignation if it kept insisting on a referendum. That would have meant the much welcomed collapse of government, and the demise of Islamist party PvdA in new elections. But they want to stay in power very desperately. So they continue to sell out to Eurabia and everybody else, as they always have been doing. Dutch government has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the state by definition has to be a criminal organisation; this government certainly is.

I wrote on Dutch 'Democracy' before; well, it's officially down the drain now. Welcome to the Dutch provence of totalitarian Dictatorship Eurabia.


Mark said...

Good article as well, Hartman! I'm still pretty upset about the fact that the two coalition parties are making deals on something as important as an EU Treaty. Just like you, I sent a confronting e-mail to all the PvdA parliamentarians yesterday, but I've yet to receive an answer. To be continued on HVV and EAS...

Bert said...

It is said that the prime minister would even overrule the two chambers of parliament if necessary, and therefore must have the support of the queen. The Christian Democrats, Socialist parties, even the centre-left VVD together represent a majority in parliament and are are openly or silentlly against the people speaking out more than once every four years. They won't even allow the people to choose their own mayor, so why would they ask their opinion on becoming subservient to the Fourth Reich?

Ronald Reagan was completely right when he ever stated: "There is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down. Up to man's age-old dream --the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order-- or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism."

R. Hartman said...

Yes, Bert, the coup must have the support of the queen. She also presides over the State Council, so it's obvious why that body deemed the renamed constitution not to have constitutional elements. It's all a well orchestrated lie.

The Dutch people are pressured towards the braking point, and when that happens the monarchy will be brought down. The fake queen and her family have no right of holding their position, so if the civil war breaks out they'll probably flee the country very quickly. They've always been good at that. But my guess is that this time they won't be allowed to return.

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