Monday, July 30, 2007

Site unblocked

Today, DutchConcerns has been unblocked again after having been blocked for some time by Blogger on allegations that it might be a spamblog. This is the mail I received today:


Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and cleared for regular use so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Blogger Team

Over at Gates of Vienna, Anon suggested my blocking may have been related to my linking to Foehammer's Anvil:

my suspicion is that the person who previously tangled with Foehammer's Anvil is now picking off people who frequent Foehammer's site. R. Hartman and Lady Predator are two of Foehammer's readers who have blogs with Blogger. Lady Predator's blog was recently blocked, too. According to her, someone with a account visited her blog 10 to 20 times a day for a few days, each time for only a few seconds (just enough time to press the "FLAG BLOG" switch)

Let's just hope the free speech blogs will not continue to be terrorized this way, should this suspicion be on the money. If I remember correctly, GoV also got blocked after Baron Bodissey reported on Foehammer's Digg ban...


Foehammer said...

Well, you know, nothing's stopping us from reporting that certain stalker's site and giving "it" a taste of "its" own medicine.

Glad you were unblocked.

Lady Predator said...

Mr. Sutter and his buddy,
disbarred Minnesota attorney

Dann Dobson
,  are self-appointed inquisitors who threaten people with the loss of their email account or their internet access for what they perceive to be "hate speech" (i.e. not agreeing with their world view). They run a Yahoo group called HateWatchUSA
dedicated to shutting down any kind of speech they didn't approve off.  For a long time they went after neo-Nazis shutting down their WebPages emails account and sometimes having their ISP accounts pulled.  Dobson and Sutter have a long established behavior as internet bullies. I have posts that Sutter has made bragging about his most recent success in blocking conservative blogs(what he calls hate speech) plus I have an email from Glen of
Islam: The Religion of Peace where Sutter actually threats to have his webpage blocked and I quote: "I will denounce your site as the hate-site that it is wherever I go, on whatever internet site I visit, and wherever your information is quoted. I will make it my business and consider it a solemn duty to condemn and expose the site called.....I'm contacting the proprietors of several databases of internet hate-sites to report thereligionofpeace, this will have the effect of blocking your site from being referenced, linked or quoted on the many discussion forums that bar those listed hate-sites..."

Check out

anon said...

You need to find and install an IP address tracker as soon as possible.

Rev. Jim Sutter said...

Lady Lexington needs to stop playing with her junior forgery kit. I only expose hate speech and hate crimes using the very strict definition used by US Courts, ISP's TOS, the dictionary and EU law. I don't care whether people hold the same opinions as me, if everyone had the same opinion life would be boring. But crossing the line and calling for lynching, concentration camps, murder, "nuking" Islamic nations, forcibly deporting all Muslim-Americans, destroying the Constitution in order to outlaw the religion of Islam and making religious worship a crime -- that's beyond free speech, it's beyond ridiculous, it's beyond hate. It's pathological and it must be exposed to the light of facts and truth in order to be scrubbed clean of the filth it spreads.

R. Hartman said...

Sutter shows himself to be utterly delusional. "Religious Worship". Since when is worshipping a pedophile criminal considered a religious activity? Since when is stating simple, undeniable facts to be considered "hate speech"? It's time Sutter removes his head form his (certain dark place) and starts thinking rationally. That's assuming there are still some tools to that extend left inside his skull.

His 'strict definitions' are political correct definitions aimed at surrender of the West to imperialistic Islam.

Apparently Sutter's fully ignorant of the fact that his claims to be one of the 'People of the Book' will make him one of the first victims of Sharia law as soon as he's successful in supporting its implementation.

Lady Predator said...

Sutter must be projecting his vile hatred on to others because NO ONE has called for"lynching, concentration camps, murder, "nuking" Islamic nations, forcibly deporting all Muslim-Americans" And he can't point to *anyones* words who say that.