Friday, July 6, 2007

Malaysia increases pressure on non-Muslims

According to AsiaNews Northern Malaysia has announced heavier punishment for Muslim apostates. A Muslim who converts away from Islam wil be punished with 5 years imprisonment and a 3,000 dollar fine. In contrast, when a Malayan Muslim marries a non-Muslim who then converts to Islam, he or she is rewarded with a home, a car, a bonus of 2,600 dollar and a monthly allowance of 260 dollar.

I guess the punishment is far better than the beheading prescribed by the Qu'ran, but it's still a far cry from personal freedom.


Foehammer said...

Blogrolled, Mr. Hartman.

Keep up the fight.


Always On Watch said...

Saw your comment over at Foehammer's--the comment about the Patriot Act.

I find this posting of particular interest because today we were talking about the Islamification of Malaysia on my weekly radio show. I wish that I'd had your information at the ready!

pst314 said...

You can find that Asia News article

Such lovely people, these "moderate" muslins. /sarcasm